TNT Supplements – Explosive Company Feature and Interview

We got the chance to have a chat with the guys at TNT Supplements about what makes them one of the hottest  (banging, explosive, firey, booming) companies to follow in the supplement market at the moment.

For those who’ve never come across TNT before, they are a UK based company who’ve experienced rapid growth over the last 2 and a half years.

With a product range that started out as a test booster, fat burner and pre workout, TNT Supplements have now branched out into BCAA’s and supporting supplements like 5-HTP and Creatine.

Coupled with a wealth of athletes making up an impressive TNT team including WBFF Pro Issac Paul and WBFF Pro Lauren Kenealy, TNT supplements have more than made their mark on the supplement industry in the short time they’ve existed. In fact they’ve blown a hole in it.

TNT Team Athletes

Impressive Formulations

TNT’s products are certainly eye catching, but what makes this company one to follow closely is the fact that each formulation is transparent and full natural.

With a wealth of solid customer reviews and some good personal experience with their fat burner and pre here at Supplement Devil they’re a company who blow the fake and white label industry blends out of the water.

They genuinely care what goes into their products, and what’s more, they have a team of Pro athletes who actually use them. Something strangely rare in the supplement industry these days.

TNT Supplements Interview

Here’s the full interview with TNT about what makes their company tick and where we can expect to see them in a few years:

[SD] What is the main company goal and vision of TNT Supplements?

[TNT] At TNT Supplements we develop, manufacture and sell innovative and eye catching sports nutrition products.

As our brand name suggests, our USP is that we have based our brand image around the gold/ coal mining theme and each product is individually packaged in high quality bespoke sticks of TNT complete with fuse!

We use high quality effective and proven ingredients to give our brand great substance to compliment the great stand alone style it oozes.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that not only will the products be eye-catching when on the shelf next to our competitors but that this is also supported by the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients to help the user achieve his or her individual goals.

You’ve kept your product catalogue pretty streamlined, are there any plans to open this up in the future?

Absolutely! We’re always on the look out for fresh innovative products and always research the very best ingredients to use in our range.
What we don’t want to become is ‘just another’ sports nutrition brand with a carbon copy range the same as everyone else’s.

If you could get any athlete, past or present, onto the already amazing TNT Supplements team who would it be and why?

There are lot of excellent athletes from the past, but at TNT Supplements, we’re always looking to the future.
One of the best athletes at the moment is Rob ‘the Barnsley Pitbull’ Taylor would be our choice. He trains hard, works hard, has great ethics, and an awesome physique. In our opinion, he probably should have got his pro card this year.

What would you say are the current problems within the supplement industry?

There are a lot of ‘me too’ white label brands out there at the moment and it’s created a race to the bottom in terms of retail pricing.

Some shop owners seem to be happy to just sell whichever product makes them the most profit rather than the one that will get their customer the best results.

We appreciate that the shop owner has a business to run and has to make profit, but selling ineffective products just because you make more profit on that particular sale is very short sighted; the chances of that customer getting good results and coming back to buy more is pretty slim.

If you sell a good quality product that actually works, even it’s a few pounds more expensive than the next brand, you’re guaranteeing repeat custom.

How could these problems be addressed do you think?

I think consumers need to realise that supplements are just like any other industry in that you get what you pay for.

Yes you can get a pre-workout for £10 and a BCAA for £15, but they are not going to have the same really high quality ingredients that a slightly more expensive product will.

It just can’t happen at that price.

Deadlifts or Squats?


Where do you see TNT Supplements in 10 years time?

That’s a great question and one we don’t have a real answer to.

Being an innovative company, and responding to the ever changing demands of the fitness community, it’s difficult to say what we will be launching next; but what we do know is that we are always looking for the next key product to add to our range and you know it’s not going to something you’ll find in someone else’s.

TNT Supplements only launched two and a half years ago; we’re stocked by the largest online sports nutrition store in the World, the largest health food chain in the UK, the No1 sports nutrition distributor in Europe, and we export all over the world…. all of this in two and a half years… so you can imagine what we are going to achieve in 10!

TNT Product Recommendations

If you’re looking at TNT’s packaging and thinking ‘that’d look cool as hell in my stack’, then you’re not wrong. And what’s even better is the products stand out from others in the market due to the high quality ingredient they source.

You can check out TNT’s full product offering by heading to their website here. For us, it’s these 3 that really stand out and say what TNT are all about. Innovation, transparency and quality ingredients. 

#1 Strong to the Core – Fat Burner

strong to the core

This was the first product that really got our attention. With other products on the market offering risky and often weak formulations, Strong to the Core takes the best part of rival supplements and builds on it.

Offering a high dose of Phytofare Green Tea Extract, Ginger Root and non-stimulant fat burner Tetradecylthioacetic Acid amongst L-Tyrosine and huge doses of essential B-Vitamins, Strong to the Core is a far cry from other competitors.

Be warned though, this is a fat burner and it can cause some jitters due to the stimulants it contains.

In fact, for us, it could maybe improved by a small reduction in the amount of Citrus Aurantium…or maybe we just need to grow a pair.

#2 CBD Oil


CBD is going to explode over the next few years. The potential it has to reduce inflammation and improve recovery for athletes is mind blowing. Plus, you’ll sleep better and even feel some mental benefits too.

It’s great to see TNT stepping in and offering CBD oil this early. If you have the chance, go get some. (But avoid combining it with stimulants.)

This is going to be an essential part of supplement stacks the world over and has absolutely no psychoactive effects due to the fact that THC is removed during manufacture. We honestly can’t recommend CBD enough.

#3 BCAA Triple Charged


This is our other pick from TNT’s great product range. Everyone knows the importance of amino acids, but generally most companies just throw together a blend based on whatever they feel that day.

TNT have created something that promotes recovery between sets and uses actual doses of aminos that work fast like L-Leucine (and L-Isoleucine), glutamine and HMB combined with a potent mix of electrolytes and even a touch of L-citrulline to enhance absorption.

With nearly every other amino blend on the market so hung up on half doses of every amino acid under the sun, it’s quality to see TNT take a different approach.

Final Word

We’d like to thank the guys at TNT for talking to us at Supplement Devil and are all looking forward to seeing the company grow and grow in the future.

They’re an exciting brand, with good ideas, and importantly, their customers and athletes at heart. TNT are a supplement company who go way deeper than the cool packaging might suggest at first.

MusclePharm who?

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