Purus Labs Noxygen Liquicaps Formula Revealed

Well-known sports nutrition company Purus Labs already has plenty of supplements in its arsenal. From its pre workout Stimpact to Everyday Amino.

But, this week they just so happen to be releasing a brand new no-clump capsule version of another one of its supplements – Noxygen.

In the following article, you’ll find out everything that you need to know about Noxygen Liquicaps – the latest Purus Labs supplement to hit the market.

So, read on as Supplement Devil goes through the details in our latest article Purus Labs Noxygen Liquicaps Formula Revealed.

Noxygen LiquiCaps Formula

The original Noxygen supplement is a stimulant-free and unflavoured additive. It is a supplement which can be added to a pre workout or intra-workout beverage and has the potential to boost your performance, as well as your strength and endurance.

However, the product became widely known for its tendency to clump. This was much to the frustration of many of Purus Labs’ customers.

For that reason, Purus Labs took it upon themselves to develop a no-clump capsule version of this particular product.

Two years down the line, Purus Labs eventually announced that the original Noxygen’s replacement was ready to go. Low and behold, Noxygen Liquicaps was born.

Essentially, Purus Labs have stated that two capsules of Liquicaps are the equivalent to one scoop of the original Noxygen.

However, each serving of Liquicaps contains 1.6g of glycerol. As well as this, there is only one form of nitrate (half a gram of NO3-T sodium nitrate).


Well, that concludes our round-up of Purus Labs  Noxygen Liquicaps. October 2018 is the marked release date for the particular supplement.

We here at Supplement Devil can’t wait to find out exactly what Noxygen Liquicaps are capable of and whether they’re an improvement on the previous edition.

We’re pretty sure fans of Purus Labs’ supplements will feel the same way. Keep an eye out for updates on the official Purus Labs Noxygen Liquicaps page.


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