Primeval Labs Teasing New Black Series Supplement

Primeval Labs are on it this year, with a few new supplements including the pretty amazing ‘Mega Pre Black’ coming out.

In the upcoming weeks we are expecting to hear more from Primeval Labs about another supplement joining it’s ‘Black’ line up of supplements.

If you take a look at the teaser image it’s pretty clear we don’t have a powdered supplement. So this means that Primeval are teasing something capsule based.

What Could Primeval Labs be Teasing?

This leads us to believe it could be a fat burner, or perhaps even a nootropic from the company. As there hasn’t been either of these products (or new ones) added to their catalogue for some time.

Whatever the supplement is, we hope that it can keep up with the performance and transparency we had with the Mega Pre Black.

What makes Black Series Different?

Well the price of a potential fat burner might be a little higher. But when you take a look at the blend of ingredients in Mega Pre Black, it’s a cut above lots of competitors and delivers on it’s promises.

If Primeval Labs are going to be releasing a fat burner, it’s likely we will see something with good doses of some interesting ingredients. We may even see some form of dual capsule or microbead technology which would ensure they kept the Black brand separate from their regular line up.

Whatever the news over the coming weeks, you can sign us up for a bottle of this mystery supplement.

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