Phase One Nutrition Releases All-New Brain Blitz

American supplement creator Phase One Nutrition, who are based in Columbia, Missouri, have given their Brain Blitz pre workout supplement a brand-new make-over.

Phase One Nutrition make a wide range of supplements for muscle-building, weight loss, endurance, repair, energy and focus.

Phase One Nutrition also produce supplements such as Pre-Phase Remix, Amino Phase and Pump Phase.

Brain Blitz is a pre workout supplement which is based around nootropic ingredients and it’s created specially to give you an intensely focussed experience.

What Are Nootropics?

I hear you ask, “What are nootropics?”.

Nootropics are essentially “smart” drugs and supplements, if you haven’t heard of them. They contain a special formula to give you improved brain function, memory and creativity. Nootropics also increase your motivation.

Nootropics are also known as cognitive enhancers.

What’s in The Original Brain Blitz?

The old version of Brain Blitz is already packed with energy-enhancing products. It’s a great pre workout supplement. Brain Blitz contains the following ingredients, making a heady cocktail:

  • DMHA (Methylhexanamine). This stimulates your central nervous system; it’s also known as Octodrine
  • Noopept. This improves the receptors which are linked to memory function
  • Eria Jarensis (N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine). This modulates the Central Nervous System (CNS). It gives you powerful focus, more energy and even may improve your mood
  • Alpha-GPC. This increases your endurance and increases growth hormone production
  • Infinergy. This is a sustained release thermogenic and it enhances your performance. It also reduces your fatigue levels
  • Beta-alanine. This improves your workout performance
  • Citrulline Malate. This gives you those extra pumps in the gym
  • GlycerSize. This increases your hydration and it gives you extra gym pumps as well

The all-new version of Brain-Blitz was obviously developed to be a new and improved version of the original one.

The previous version of Brain Blitz has a great mix of powerful ingredients, as you can see from the profile above. So if Phase One are going to improve on this one, we definitely can’t help but get excited.

Phase One Nutrition have scheduled the release of their new Brain Blitz for about two months’ time, on the 11th of November.

And Finally

If Brain Blitz sounds like it’s your type of thing and you want to get hold of some, you can get the original version from Phase One Nutrition’s website here.

If you want to get your hands on the new formula Brain Blitz, you’ll need to hang in there until 11th November, as we mentioned above.

A container of Brain Blitz (size 317.5g) will set you back $49.99 (about £38.55). The container provides you with 25 standard servings.

You can currently get Brain Blitz in two mysterious, psychedelic sounding flavours, Mind Candy, and Purple Haze.

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