PharmaFreak’s FreakMode Adds Focus Freak – Freakyyy

Bet you never thought you’d see the word Freak so many times in one sentence. Well it basically happens whenever a new PharmaFreak supplement comes out.

The latest addition is to their FreakMode category of supplements (alongside Andro Freak, Ripped Freak 2.0, Ripped Freak Keto and Muscle Freak) and is currently a Canadian exclusive.

The supplement in question, FocusFreak is a cognition enhancer with a hefty list of brain boosting ingredients in each serving.

One ingredient Zembrin sceletium tortuosum is patented and actually proven to enhance cognition. Which is just one main reason why we are so excited about Focus Freak.

PharmaFreak say that Focus freak is a:

…clinically backed cognitive function/nootropic supplement formulated to deliver laser-sharp focus, mental energy and stress reduction

Focus Freak Supplement Facts

Focus Freak Supplement Facts

PharmaFreak have announced a completely transparent set of ingredients for their supplement Focus Freak.

Good, because of course you want to know exactly what you are taking.

L-Carnitine and L-Tyrosine make the grade, alongside high doses of Bacopa and Astralagus. Bacopa is a herb that is thought to impact brain health and memory. But also provide some antioxidants and help protect neural pathways.

Astralagus is another ingredient that can help improve overall health, particularly heart health with some people suggesting it can also help with cognition.

Stimulant wise, there’s a fair 102mg of caffiene in a 2 capsule serving. Which would be just enough to keep you working and focused, but not drooling and shaking.

All round it’s a pretty solid and good formula, and is, as they said backed by clinical studies.

Where can I buy this freaky good sh*T!

Currently it seems Focus Freak is available at selected stores worldwide and not online, which might be a little frustrating, given the product looks so damn good!

You can buy yourself a bottle as part of a multi buy deal, or just have one tub which will set you back about $30 USD for 60 capsules.

Given the list of ingredients, PharmaFreak have made a supplement that works with others in their stack perfectly. This is an ideal supplement especially if you are lifting big, as the reduction in cortisol will only help improve recovery and performance and has the potential to allow for a better anabolic environment. Protecting those T levels!

We’re excited to get our full bottle of Focus Freak through the post and see if this supplement can stand up and deliver on its promises when it comes to blasting the iron. We’ve got a feeling it just might, and even do more than we expect!

Let’s make some freaky gainzzzzzzzz….

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