Parform Release CBD Infused Chewing Gum

Parform is a company usually marketed towards the golf industry. But more recently, they have taken a change in direction by making moves into other areas of sports nutrition.

Created by co-founder Jeremy Deluca, the brand have already released a protein powder, but have now decided to release a new product which comes in the form of CBD Gum.

Available in two flavors – peppermint and spearmint, the gum features a generous 10mg of THC-free CBD isolate with each piece. As well as this, it comes in at just 5 calories per serving, with only 2g of carbohydrates making this perfect even for those who are on a calorie-restricted diet.

What are the benefits of Parform CBD Gum?

Now that you’ve discovered a little more about Parform CBD Gum, why would you want to use it? Well, here’s some of the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Reduces inflammation and anxiety
  • Soothes general aches and pains
  • Works up to 5x faster when compared to conventional oral dosage forms of CBD
  • Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to swallow pills

So, it’s clear to see that consuming this product on a regular basis has the potential to help you greatly if you suffer from any of the negative health issues listed above. As the manufacturer themselves say:

“The benefits of CBD chewing gum mirror the benefits of all other CBD products”. 

Parform Release CBD Infused Chewing Gum – Conclusion

So, that concludes our introduction to Parform CBD Gum! If you like the sound of the product and are interested in purchasing some for yourself, you can do exactly that by paying a visit to their official website. At the time of writing, one packet will set you back $19.99.

As always, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Supplement Devil website for all the latest news and reviews.

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