Otech Labs Trigger – A Beast

Founded by current Mr Olympia champ Shawn Rhoden and his coach Chris Aceto, Otech Labs most definitely have big plans for the future – making their mark on the hugely competitive supplements industry.

On that note, a new supplement of theirs has just hit the market in the form of Trigger – a beastly pre workout supplement.

The following news piece will provide a quick overview of the pre workout and exactly what you can expect from it. So, without any further ado, it’s time to introduce Otech Labs Trigger!

Otech Labs Trigger – The Lowdown

When taking a look at Otech Labs Trigger, we were very excited indeed. After all, this particular supplement is marketed as a ‘one of a kind training formula’.

There are 14 main ingredients in total, with each of them displaying the full dosage. We here at Supplement Devil believe in total transparency, so it is good that Otech Labs are completely open and don’t use any proprietary blends. Here’s the list of ingredients in full:



Well, that concludes our round up of Otech Labs Trigger! If you’d like to find out more information or want to purchase the product, simply head on over the brand’s official online store.

At the time of writing, Trigger comes in at a cost of $49.99 for a 25 serving tub. Each serving consists of 1 rounded scoop, so this is definitely in the premium end of the market.

But, if it is within your budget, it is well worth conducting a little more research to discover whether this is the right pre workout for your needs.

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