Old School Labs Launches Basic Brand

Inspired by the Golden Era of bodybuilding, Old School Labs are a sports nutrition company who have a whole host of supplements in their lineup. However, they have recently launched a new series supplements as part of their Classic Series.

The Classic Series comprises of a creatine supplement, a BCAA supplement, and a collagen supplement. So, without any further ado, it’s time for you to discover all that you need to know in our latest news piece – Old School Labs Launches Basic Brand.

Old School Labs – Classic Series Introduction

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are three new supplements in the Classic Series range. The creatine supplement is perfect for enhancing your strength and size – with a simple creatine monohydrate powder included.

Next up, there’s the BCAA supplement for improved recovery after your workouts. This particular supplement features half a gram of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs with each capsule. Finally, there is Classic Collagen which is a type one and type three collagen formula.

In terms of pricing, these basic supplements start from $15.99, with the most expensive costing $25.99. So, it is safe to say that each of the supplements comes in at a reasonable cost.


Well, there you have it! that concludes our complete introduction to Old School Labs’ new basic Classic Series. The entire lineup is now available for purchase, although not from the official website. You can take a look at the range of Classic Series supplements and buy either of them from the Amazon US store:

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