New CBD Formula CBD Relief Added to Chaos Crew Lineup

Chaos Crew happened to be one of the first supplement companies to get on the CBD hype. This means that they have been offering their products on the market for some time now, and they certainly don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

The UK-based company first entered the realm of CBD products back in April 2018. Their first product came in the form of CBD Oil gummies with the pretty awesome name Calm Before the Storm.

Almost a year has past since the release of the gummies, and Chaos Crew have extended their lineup of CBD supplements in that time. One of their latest products to enter the market has earned itself the title of CBD Relief.

The following news piece will delve deeper into what this new CBD product is all about. So, continue reading to find out everything that you need to know.

What To Expect From Chaos Crew CBD Relief

CBD Relief can be described as a topical cream which works as an effective remedy for tight areas in your body. It may also be used as treatment for any joint inflammation you may have encountered as you go about your day to day life.

Peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor are some of the ingredients which have been included within this particular product. Each of these work in combination with each other to help deliver deep relieving and cooling effects. So, when it comes to inflammation within your joints, CBD Relief will undoubtedly be hugely helpful.

You’ll also find that there are two concentrations available of CBD Relief. So, depending on particular circumstances, you’ve got more than one option at your disposal. The lowest concentration of CBD Relief comes in at 250mg, while the more expensive version comes in at 1000mg.

CBD Relief is certainly a straightforward supplement. But, it’s one that will work effectively for the above applications. So, if you happen to suffer from any of them, it’s well worth trying out this brand new offering from Chaos Crew.


So, now that you’ve found out everything you need to know about Chaos Crew’s latest CBD formula – CBD Relief, you might just be wondering where you can get your hands on it.

Well, it just so happens that both concentrations of the supplement are available from the online Shape Shifter store. The 250mg edition can be picked up for £34.99 ($45.39), while the 1000mg concentration comes in at a cost of £54.99 ($71.33).

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