Naughty Boy Release Enhanced BCAA Supplement

Later this month, Manchester-based Naughty Boy Lifestyle are launching a new BCAA supplement as part of their upcoming Illmatic range of supplements.

Naughty Boy have enhanced Illmatic BCAA with Velositol, to aid muscle protein synthesis, and Astragin to help you absorb the ingredients.

The other supplements in Naughty Boy’s Illmatic series include a full spectrum essential amino acid supplement, a carbohydrate-infused competition supplement, and a full intra-workout supplement.

What’s in Naughty Boy’s Illmatic BCAA?


The BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are the ‘essential amino acids’ because your body can’t synthesize them. Therefore, you need to include them in your diet.

Gym-goers usually take BCAA supplements to improve their exercise performance and to optimise muscle growth. They can also help reduce post-gym tiredness and even help you lose weight.

BCAAs make up about 35–40% of your total amino acids and about 14–18% of the amino acids in your muscle tissue.

Your muscles, rather than your liver, break down BCAAs and experts believe that they also help you produce energy during exercise. And, like most amino acids, your body can use BCAAs to synthesise protein and muscle.

Additionally, they can help to induce cells to use the sugar in your blood, enabling you to preserve the glucose stores in your liver and muscles.

BCAAs may also help you feel less tired when you’re working out by inhibiting your brain’s production of serotonin.


Velositol is a blend of chromium and the carbohydrate amylopectin that helps to increase your protein capacity.

Chromium helps to support your insulin function, whilst amylopectin is a good source of sugars. When combined with protein, Velositol works to enhance muscle growth and improve muscle recovery time.

Velositol increases insulin, enabling your muscle cells to be more insulin responsive. Consequently, it can help you minimise muscle damage and therefore accelerate recovery.

Velositol can also boost the effectiveness of protein supplements. It can increase muscle capacity and helps your muscles take up more amino acids, which in turn increases muscle.

Interestingly, Velositol starts having an effect after just one dose. So you don’t have to take it for weeks to experience the benefits.


AstraGin is derived from the plants panax ginseng and astragalus. Panax is commonly known as Chinese ginseng. Herbalists in China have used it for centuries, mainly to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Astragalus is also widely used in Chinese medicine.

Combined in AstraGin, they can boost your ability to absorb amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins. AstraGin can also help repair damaged intestinal walls, and even help to support your good bacteria.

And Finally

If you’d like to get hold of Illmatic BCAA, you’ll be able to buy it on Naughty Boy’s website here when they release it.

A container will give you 30 servings for £25.99. You’ll also have a choice of four flavours: Acai Berry, Apple, Bubble Gum and Cherry.

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