MyProtein Introduces PhaseTech and 3 New Supplements

The supplement industry is always trying to develop new ways of getting their products into your body and enhancing workouts.

With a big focus on ‘dual capsules’, ‘microbeads’ and other technology designed to slow down the breakdown of ingredients and maximise effectiveness.

It can get pretty frustrating that these new technologies don’t work, as much as they work. With little in the way of any change to performance for a lot of people. Just recently MusclePharm revealed their new Creatine supplement. Which, they have said, will revolutionise the game.

But there are already plenty of skeptics out there. And rightly so, because the more time spent on research, development and production for a new supplement, the higher the cost for the people who just want to make some gains.

Introducing My Protein: PhaseTech

Phasetech Beads
Phasetech Beads

Next to join the innovators, we have MyProtein who have recently announced PhaseTech. And alongside it, three supplements that will be using the exciting sounding technology.

PhaseTech is being heralded by the well established company as the next phase in sports nutrition.

What is PhaseTech then? Well, it’s microbead technology that promises to make you stronger and faster for longer. Drawing out delivery of the formulas of the product that contains it.

Discover the innovative beadlets created to enhance performance, making your everyday protein, amino, and pre-workout boost more powerful than ever.

We are pretty exciting about PhaseTech it has to be said. MyProtein are a company who deliver, and as with MusclePharm CreaClear, we think that the technology is there as well as the budget to really deliver an end product to the consumer that’ll actually work.

Which Supplements are using PhaseTech?

Currently there are 3 supplements at launch which are going to be making use of MyProtein’s PhaseTech technology:

  • THE Pre Workout+
  • THE Amino+
  • THE Whey+

The company are offering a bundle option for those who want to really give this new technology a full road test.

Generally, this kind of ‘Microbead’ technology is limited to fat burners and pre workouts, and seeing it with a protein supplement is especially rare. Which again, gives us a lot of hellish hope that this line up of products is going to deliver the goods and not just be another fanfare for buzzwords and weak formulas.

THE Pre Workout+

The Pre Workout+ contains a hefty 6g of citrulline as well as Green Tea and PhaseTech caffeine. Which allows for a longer and more drawn out workout experience.

People are already singing this products praises in reviews, making us believe the hype even more!

THE Amino+

The Amino Acid supplement in the Phase Tech line up is absolutely packed with your key amino acids and is backed by clinical studies.

In terms of formula, everything in it is powered by the micro beadlet technology. Ensuring a smooth and lasting delivery of key ingredients.

There isn’t much around in terms of reviews yet, but we will be posting a full one soon.

THE Whey+

Packed with key amino acids (with phasetech technology) as well as “5g GroPlex™: a unique combination of dairy peptides and fast-digesting hydrolysed whey and slow-digesting micellar casein — proteins supporting muscle growth.”

The Whey+ is probably the most exciting supplement in the new MyProtein range and alongside it’s high protein content, be the one we are expecting to get the most from!

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