Max Effort Muscle CBD Supplement Launched

Today marks the day that straight to customer supplement company Max Effort Muscle add a CBD oil based supplement to their line up.

Coming in 3 flavours and with 3 amounts of CBD Oil in, the supplements, CBD 300, CBD 500 and CBD 1000 promise to provide a huge amount of health and training benefits.

Each product comes with it’s own flavour too. CBD 300 is an unflavoured form, whereas CBD 500 is watermelon and CBD 1000 is a lemonade.

The market for CBD Oil based supplements is something that is up and coming, as more and more states and countries are set to legalise the use of cannabis in various forms, the stigma around the plant is vanishing.

Coupled with the fact that CBD Oil is in fact legal in nearly all areas of the globe, due to the fact it doesn’t contain THC, leaves consumers with the chance to test out these products and the benefits they can potentially provide.New Max Effort Muscle CBD Oils

Max Effort Muscle CBD Supplements Explained


Max Effort Muscle CBD 1000: CBD 1000 has been described by the company as a product that can help with pain and anxiety relief. Great if you are currently swamped with work and struggling to find the time to fit everything (including the gym) into your day.

CBD 1000 doesn’t come cheap though. A bottle will set you back a fairly hefty $100. But if you’re currently struggling with anxiety and have a hard time recovering from sessions, it could be a life changing investment.

Max Effort Muscle CBD 500: CBD 500 will help with stress and also some recovery from workouts. Ideal for those running a pretty heavy program at the minute.

CBD 500 comes in at a more affordable $50. Making it a good middle ground for those slightly sceptical about the effects, but still interested in the effects of the higher 1g dosed tincture bottle.

Max Effort Muscle CBD 300: CBD 300 will stack well with a fairly level dosed stimulant pre workout. Because of the lower amount of CBD in the supplement, you’ll find it’ll help reduce focus and fight some inflammation. There’s some potential for it to help with weight loss, but this might not be completely true and requires more study.

The cheapest and entry level CBD supplement. This will generally be good enough for most people who train a few times a week and just want a little edge when it comes to recovery. 1 bottle of CBD 300 sets you back $35.

Are they worth it?

Adding a CBD supplement to your stack can be a great way to improve both performance and recovery. If you are still unsure about the plant based product, then you shouldn’t be. There are zero psychoactive effects and products like Max Effort Muscles new supplements have been used by athletes for a long time now.

CBD products, like the ones that Max Effort Muscle have created are absolutely worth it. And it’s no secret that the results can be life changing.

If you’re interested in buying any of Max Effort Muscles CBD supplements, they are available direct from their website now!

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