Martyn Ford Joins Forces With Ignite Nutrition

In the past year or so, Martyn Ford became known as the face of 5% Nutrition after the tragic death of Rich Piana. But now, he has made the decision to partner up with one of the latest nutrition companies on the market – Ignite Nutrition. So, read on as Supplement Devil looks into what is in store in our latest news piece Martyn Ford Joins Forces With Ignite Nutrition.Martyn Ford Ignite

Martyn Ford has long been a member of 5% Nutrition and came into a more prominent role when Rich Piana passed away in 2017. Fast forward to now, the British bodybuilder has begun to promote a company known as Ignite Nutrition.

A handful of other athletes have signed up with the company too. This includes the likes of Guy Harding, Sarrie Downes, and many more. The website even states that more athletes are coming soon. So, this would suggest that big things are planned with Ignite Nutrition.  With that in mind, it’s safe to say that we here at Supplement Devil can’t wait to find out more.

Considering how new they are to the scene, Ignite Nutrition has yet to release any supplements. In spite of this, there are two products which you can view information on when you visit their website.

This includes Test Up and Load Up. The first of which, as you can probably guess, is a testosterone booster. Load Up, on the other hand, is a post-workout protein powder. In other words, it contains a blend of ingredients known as a recovery formula to help to repair your muscles after an intense workout.

Over the next few months, it’s likely that the aforementioned supplements will be available for purchase – perhaps alongside some others. Who knows? Until then, you can keep an eye out on Supplement Devil for all the latest news regarding Ignite Nutrition. Or, alternatively, you could head on over to


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