Kaged Muscle CreaClear: Innovative Creatine Delivery

The supplement industry is throwing the word ‘innovation’ round every time some fat guys comes up with a reason why fermented weasel testes MIGHT burn fat. It’s pretty rare to find something that actually earns the title innovative.

But Kaged Muscle have done just that with their new Creatine supplement: CreaClear.

Creatine is an essential supplement because it flat out just works. But, as with everything we put in our bodies, sometimes it get’s lost in our digestive system or takes a while to be absorbed to a level that we actually feel the benefits.

What separates CreaClear out from other Kaged Muscle Creatine supps is the fact that this formula is based around creatine monohydrate. The other formula they generally sell most of is Creatine HCL based.

What makes CreaClear different?

CreaClear uses 5g of creatine monohydrate delivered in a far more soluble way than normal creatine supplements. Because it’s more soluble, you’ll get better results in a shorter time frame.

The company have gone on to say that the product is more effective due to a protein-based encapsulation matrix that protects the creatine during digestion as well as enhances its solubility and allows for clear dissolution in liquid allowing quicker breakdown and use by your body.

The result? Well, CreaClear will make you stronger essentially.  And likely have shorter loading phases that are associated with other creatine supplements.

Ok, How Much is CreaClear?

As exciting as this new technology is, you’re going to have to fork out a little more than you usually would for creatine supplements.

But Kaged Muscle have stressed that the cost of making this supplement is a bit higher than with other supplements currently available on the market.

The product comes as an unflavoured creatine supplement which is likely to help preserve solubility (weird word).

People have already suggested that this supplement might be expensive over engineering of a creatine supplement as creatine monohydrate already reaches PCr muscle saturation, leaving the only benefit that the creatine will hold together for longer in water.

We can understand the skeptics, as there is a lot of overpriced and ridiculous shit out there, but we do hold a little bit of hope that CreaClear is going to be in fact the real deal.


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