How to Safely Take Bromantane

Whether you are looking for a boost during a workout or a stimulant to help you focus, there are a number of options on the market today. One that has been around for the last 40 years, and was even utilized by Russian soldiers, is bromantane. This stimulant has been shown to possibly help with anxiety and depression. For more info on this supplement, there are a number of scientific studies and online reviews available online.

Capsule or Powder

When utilizing this product, regardless of the reason, the main factor you want to consider is how you will be consuming it. For this particular supplement, there are two options available: powder or capsule. 

It’s easier to monitor your consumption of this supplement with the capsule form than the powder. Typically, when taking this supplement, capsules range from 50-100 mg, and the powder itself can vary. When taking the powder form of this supplement, it can be mixed in with anything, whether it is milk, protein powder, or water, but this means of consumption can be more difficult to monitor unless a specific means is utilized like a scale or measuring device.

When utilizing the capsule form of this supplement, it is not only easier to manage how much you consume, but it is also easy to take as it is a capsule. Being that it is a capsule, you can take it with water, vitamin-based drinks, or your protein shake – literally anything you are drinking at that time.

Bromantane Benefits

When considering this supplement, it is important to consider what benefits it could have for you. The benefits of bromantane includes, but is not limited to:

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Boost mood and motivation
  • Improves cognition
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Enhances muscle mass and strength

Generally, this supplement acts as a neural and muscular stimulant, which can be beneficial for anyone looking to gain muscle or mass during a workout. For the student or working individual that use this stimulant, there can be increased motivation and mental cognition, and decreased anxiety and depression.

With the fact that this is a stimulant, you will want to make sure you stick to a strict regimen of what times you take this supplement and how frequently you do so.

Stick to a Schedule

When taking bromantane, considering what this does for you on a neural and physical level, you may want to stick to a strict and careful regimen to ensure you are benefiting from this as much as possible without risking any complications. An example would be taking this an hour after you wake up before heading to class, or taking it an hour before you go to the gym for your 11 am workout. This would ensure you are experiencing the most you can with this stimulant – instead of wasting your time and money – while being safe with it as well. 

Conversely, you wouldn’t want to take this during your down times when you are neither exercising nor working. Don’t go out of your way to take bromantane when you are planning to relax, or even when you are going to bed, as it will no doubt interrupt your rest and cause you to lose sleep or make you feel restless because you are experiencing the physical stimulation that this supplement has to offer.

If you stick to a schedule with this supplement, then you will likely be able to benefit from all the aspects it has to offer rather falling short because you didn’t plan accordingly or because you’re experiencing complications. Some users have said it might not be advisable to take this nootropic every day as it made them feel disoriented and light headed, so be sure to pace yourself when using this stimulant and plan accordingly. 


When considering this nootropic, you want to make sure it fits within your already-existing supplement plan, and that it doesn’t conflict with anything you are currently consuming. If you are curious, there are a number of resources available that can help you safely determine a proper supplement stack that will help your neural and physical performances. 

An example of a solid stack with this nootropic would be: bromantane, kava kava, acetyl carnitine, agmatine, and fish oil. This stack promotes motivation, and decreases anxiety. This stack would be ideal for a student or someone during their workout, and can be beneficial as far as the neural increases go. The leading brands of Bromantane are:

  • Ladasten
  • Anonymous Pharm
  • Nootropica Bromantane Powder


What it boils down to with taking this nootropic, as long as you stick to a schedule and you do not overdose, is that taking bromantane might be beneficial to your supplement plan. If you are concerned, or looking for more information, there are a number of sites available online, or you can seek guidance from a medical professional. You should especially consult your doctor if you are taking any other medications or supplements, or if you have any preexisting health conditions.

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