Get Your Supplement Reviewed

Having your new supplement reviewed can lead to some big benefits. You’ll see your brand in Googles search results, which means potential customers also will.

Benefits of a Supplement Review:

  • Boost brand trustworthiness
  • Increase website traffic and Google results
  • Help build up conversion rates on your website
  • Offer customers the chance to see why your product works from a 3rd party
  • Relevant backlink to your website that can boost organic traffic and results

Not only that, a link from our website can provide a much needed boost to SEO. Essential if you are a start up looking to gain some organic traffic from your brand.

At Supplement Devil we work with owners looking to have their product reviewed to deliver a high quality article, that will interest customers and direct traffic to your website. This can aid conversion and boost brand awareness and trust.

Are your reviews always positive?

No, but we take an objective look at a product from a scientific angle and work off it’s doses, ingredients and what it’s supposed to achieve. If you believe your product hits the mark, then we can happily listen to why!

How Do I get my product reviewed?

If you are interested in having your product reviewed by us, drop an email to editor [@] and our team will get back to you.

Please note, due to the number of enquiries we get, we may not always be able reply.

We are strictly limited to publishing 4 reviews per week. We also will not publish reviews you have written. Our team will do that. There is also a fee associated with every review published which includes writing, 2 backlinks and the 1000 word post. The cost is $100.

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