Evogen EvoDreams Sleep and Recovery Supplement – Time for Bed?

Evogen supplements are releasing a few new supplements at the moment and one that has us most excited is EvoDreams, their melatonin free sleep and recovery formula.

Evogen, owned by Hany Rambod (“The Pro Creator”), have always been creators of groundbreaking and effective supplements. Most likely because Hany has worked with countless IFBB pro’s and bodybuilding champions through the years.

The guy just knows what works. Which is why EvoDreams is an exciting new supplement.

EvoGen EvoDreams

Hany EvoGen
Hany Rambod (Trainer), Owner of EvoGen

There are plenty of supplements in the ‘Nighttime recovery’ part of the supplement industry, but not many get you the rest and recovery they sell you on. Which can be pretty expensive and frustrating.

EvoDreams though, looks like a legitimate contender and whilst we don’t know what’s going to be in this new product, the fact it’s come from Hany is promise enough that’ll it will deliver.

Evogens EvoDreams will come in a blue raspberry flavour at launch in a 20 serving tub and be optimized for:

  • Maximum Sleep
  • Maximum Recovery
  • Maximum CNS Reset

Who’s EvoDreams For?

EvoDreams is a supplement that should be massively beneficial for anyone who’s training regularly and also not managing to get the rest and recovery their body needs.

Whilst it is quite hard to ‘Overtrain’, unless you are a pro competitor and hitting muscle groups multiple times in short periods, rest is still an often overlooked part of exercise.

By using EvoDreams you’ll find that you sleep better, recover better and actually see improvements in performance in the gym and also in life generally.

EvoDreams will also help you get up the next morning and get your central nervous system firing on all cylinders. Ensuring that groggy mornings don’t eliminate your chance for hellish gains and strength improvements.

We’re excited to get our tub of EvoDreams and give this product a hellish trial for a month! EvoDreams will be available from the EvoGen Nutrition website here. 

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