BlenderBottle – Shake in F*cking Style

BlenderBottle certainly has an impressive range of designs in their product lineup. So, if you’re looking for a stylish shaker that differs from the norm, you’re most definitely spoilt for choice with this awesome company.

Each blender bottle is BPA free, leak proof and is manufactured using high-quality materials. What’s more, the patented mixing system ensures that lumpy protein shakes are a thing of the past too!

So, read on as Supplement Devil gives you the low down on BlenderBottle’s awesome designs in our latest article BlenderBottle – Shake in F*cking Style.

Supplement Devil’s Favorite Blender Bottle Designs

DC Comics

The officially licensed range of DC Comics Blender Bottles are most definitely among the coolest designs you’ll find on any protein shaker bottle. After all, what could be better than ‘fueling your inner hero’?! – aptly put by BlenderBottle.

In terms of designs, you can choose from the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, and more. So, if you’re a fan of the DC universe, this is definitely the shaker for you!


While this particular design isn’t quite as exciting as the DC comics range, the Prostack® is most definitely a practical solution. It is available in a whole host of colors too. So, you’re definitely not short of options with this blender bottle.

As well as offering the patented blending system, this blender features a handy storage container. This simply slots onto the bottom of the blender, allowing you to store your powder which can then be added to the main container when needed. So, if you prefer practicality over eye-catching design, this might well be your ideal blender bottle!


So, there you have it! Nobody wants just an average blender bottle. So, why should you just settle for the most basic model?!

By choosing any of Supplement Devil’s favorite designs, you’ll most definitely stand out from the crowd. So, if you’d like to purchase any of the designs or would like to see the other designs in the BlenderBottle range, you can do just that by visiting their main website.

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