Best Supplement Companies to Watch in 2019

In 2018, an increasing number of people have been adopting a lifestyle dedicated to fitness and self-improvement. In the process, they have been making gains, breaking records and taking their first step on the road to a better, fitter and stronger self.

With athletes like Mr. Olympia Shawn Roden and CrossFit games winner Matthew Fraser as just a fraction of the inspiration now readily available for people, it’s easy to see why.

And, with the new fans of all things fitness comes new and innovative supplement companies breaking out into the industry. These companies are continually releasing new products and building up a solid and heavily respected profile online along the way.

On that note, here are our top 5 supplement companies to watch out for in 2019…

Otech Labs

Otech Labs

Mr. Olympia himself Shawn ‘Flexatron’ Rhoden recently announced that he is entering the sports nutrition industry in the form of Otech Labs.

Teaming up with his coach Chris Aceto, otherwise known as ‘The Technician’, Rhoden will most definitely look to instantly make his mark. Although, at the time of writing, the brand hasn’t been launched. In spite of this, Otech recently previewed their lineup ahead of the official release.

In total, there were six supplements in the lineup. This includes BCAA AminoBlox, Volumax pump formula, the RX-8 fat burner, Elevate testosterone booster, the lean mass formula Mass 500, as well as their pre workout Trigger.

Some pretty impressive sounding names right there – that’s for sure. Will they truly live up to their name? Well, that remains to be seen. But, we here at Supplement Devil certainly can’t wait to find out!

TNT Supplements

TNT Supplements


TNT Supplements certainly has an impressive lineup of ambassadors. Aptly named ‘Team TNT,’ the growing list of ambassadors includes the likes of Guy Harding, Issac Paul, and Lauren Kenealy.

In terms of their range of supplements, TNT has plenty to choose from. This includes the TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner, which promises ‘the most explosive results imaginable’. That’s a pretty bold claim to make, but considering the beastly caffeine content of this particular supplement, it’s easy to see why this is the product’s tagline!

Other supplements in the TNT range contain proven ingredients too. This includes the likes of L-Citrulline found in their pre workout, in addition to Fenugreek which can be found in their testosterone booster. TNT has been making waves in the sports nutrition industry recently. For that reason, we can’t wait to see what they come up with in 2019.

Genius Nutrition


Entering the world of supplements just two years ago, Genius Nutrition has already come a long way. They have definitely been fast-growing, and it’s not hard to see why.

The vast range of products they have to offer continues to increase month after month. This covers protein powders to pre workouts, and pretty much everything in between. In total, their range extends to over 100 supplements across five different supplement series.

Some of Genius Nutrition’s most recent releases include the likes of the Isolate-X5 protein powder which offers a high quality and fast absorbing form of protein. In addition to this, their impressive pre workout Fury Extreme features proven ingredients. This includes a whopping 6g of citrulline malate which will most definitely give you intense pumps in the gym!

Given their huge growth in such a short space of time, it would seem that the sky is the limit for Genius Nutrition. So, be sure to keep tabs on them ahead of 2019. We here at Supplement Devil certainly will be!

Modern Man Nutrition


Modern Man Nutrition only feature a small number of supplements in their range. But, given their success over the past couple of years, it definitely won’t be surprising to see them add to their lineup soon.

Their current range includes the likes of Muscle Man pre workout. This particular supplement promises increased energy, muscle strength, and power – all with a single scoop.Supplement Companies to Watch

In terms of their plans for the future, the release of one of their latest supplements is on the horizon. This just so happens to be named Modern Man V.3 – offering intense 2 in 1 thermogenic and testosterone support. This is most definitely a product Supplement Devil can’t wait to get our hands on. So, be sure to keep an eye out on our website for updates!

Ignite Nutrition

Martyn Ford Ignite

We loved Ignite Nutrition’s protein supplement and of course, have mad respect for the monster and industry nice guy Martyn Ford.

Ignite Nutrition is Ford’s latest project since he became the face of 5% Nutrition after Rich Piana’s tragic death in 2017. They have only burst onto the scene in the past few months, and are already making waves within the industry. So, we’re definitely expecting big things from Ignite Nutrition next year!

At the time of writing, the only other supplement in their lineup is the Test Up testosterone booster. Therefore, 2019 will more than likely see Ignite Nutrition introduce new supplements to their range. Whatever their plans for the future are, Supplement Devil is pretty excited about this brand to say the very least!

Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Logo

We were really impressed by Alpha Lion’s limited edition halloween pre workout and the well thought out and highly effective formulas they offer.

This includes their Superhuman pre workout and Alpha Gains testosterone booster. These might not be the cheapest products on the market. But, you certainly get a premium product with proven ingredients with each of these particular supplements.

It remains to be seen what is in store for Alpha Lion in 2019. But, if their current range is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that we can’t wait for Alpha Lion to add to their lineup.


All in all, each of the supplement companies we’ve covered in this article has a lot to offer. So, given their recent success and exciting plans for the future, 2019 looks set to be a big year for each of them.

For all the latest news on each of these supplement companies and more, you can count on Supplement Devil to keep you posted.

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