Alpha Lion Launches Hemp Gains Powered By nextHEMP

Earlier this week, premium supplements company Alpha Lion released a new CBD supplement in the form of Hemp Gains.

In our latest news piece, you’ll discover all that you need to know about this brand new supplement.

What Can You Expect With Hemp Gains

Hemp Gains is powered by 10mg of nextHEMP, which is a branded zero THC hemp extract. Each serving equates to a single capsule.

Compound Solutions, which is behind TeaCrine and Dynamine, were the ones to come up with the formula for Hemp Gains.

nextHEMP is said to be far superior to regular hemp extract too. This is because you’d need around 200mg of regular hemp extract to obtain the exact same benefits as one 10mg serving of nextHEMP, which is very impressive indeed!

How Much Is Hemp Gains?

Hemp Gains comes in at a cost of $59.95 for one 30 capsule bottle. Although, you can save yourself some of your hard earned $$$$ by purchasing more than one bottle. It is available to buy on a dedicated website set up by the manufacturer.


Well, that concludes our intro to Hemp Gains! Be sure to keep an eye out on Supplement Devil for all the latest news and reviews.

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