4 Reasons To Choose Liquid Supplements Over Pills And Tablets

There’s no doubt that supplements are crucial to boosting your health and wellness. As you age, you might not get the necessary vitamins and minerals for you to function well on a daily basis. The risk of getting illnesses also increases, especially to the elderly. If your diet fails to provide you with the nutrients you need, taking supplements will help you fulfill any deficiencies you may have.

The supplement industry has significantly grown over the past years, which is evident from the various types and brands available on the market. Specifically, you can opt for either pills and tablets or adult liquid vitamins. Some people don’t consider the latter, thinking that such liquid products are meant for children. However, that assumption is inaccurate. Here’s a list of why you should go for liquid supplements instead of pills and tablets:

  1. Better And Faster Absorption

Supplements in tablet or pill form are made up of an outer structure and the active ingredient inside. For the vitamins to be absorbed, the body should break the outer barrier first. In some cases, if the pill is defective, there’s a chance that it won’t break apart at the desired time. This delays the supplement’s absorption into the body, which is never an ideal scenario.

That kind of issue doesn’t happen with a liquid supplement. You just have to consume it and enjoy the benefits it comes with, end of story.

The rate of absorption is significantly faster than that of pills or tablets. As mentioned, defective pills might not get absorbed properly, as found in some clinical studies. It’s also been shown that the absorption rate of liquid supplements is at 98%, compared to pills that have anywhere from a 3% to 20% absorption rate.

  1. Easier To Swallow 

One good reason for turning to liquid supplements is that not everyone can take or swallow pills or tablets. Some individuals have pathologic conditions that prevent them from doing so successfully, such as persistent dysphagia. This is a serious medical issue that requires treatment because it causes malnutrition and dehydration due to painful swallowing.

Another case is for people who’ve undergone gastric surgery because eating solid food would hinder the healing of their stomach. Additionally, babies and toddlers are prescribed or given medicine and supplements alike in liquid form for their safety. A dropper or a small cup is often used for them to be able to consume such substances.

  1. Flexible Doses

Liquid and solid supplements can certainly deliver the right dosage of nutrients. So if your purpose for supplementation is improving your health, you can take either of them.

But if you’re suffering from a pathologic condition that requires you to take supplements at higher doses, you might be prescribed liquid ones. This option is cost-effective and practical because you don’t have to buy many pills or tablets just to achieve the preferred dosage, and you can consume the supplement more efficiently.

Aside from that, you can easily modify the dose. For instance, if your whole family is taking a supplement for stronger immunity, the liquid form is efficient because you can change the specific dose you give to every person depending on their age. You can give your spouse and yourself a tablespoon each and a teaspoon of the same supplement to your child. Of course, it’s advisable for you to consult your doctor regarding the proper dosage for kids.

  1. They Do Not Upset Your Stomach

Fillers and binders in pills and tablets are usually the culprits for stomach irritation. Binders, fillers, stabilizers, and other chelating agents can make up 80% of a pill at most. As for tablets, the outer structure or the container of the active ingredient is made from pork-based gelatin, not to mention the presence of additives such as talc, fillers, and binding agents.

So what are the purposes of those components in a supplement?

  • Fillers: These are known to bulk up the product, making the supplement less potent. 
  • Binders: These components hold up the ingredients together in order for pills or tablets to retain their shape. They may also serve as added volume if the amount of the active ingredient inside is significantly low.
  • Coatings: These are made from gelatin so that the pill or tablet is easier to swallow. As mentioned, they’re usually animal-based products, so vegans must look for other alternatives.
  • Coloring and flavoring: These are used to make pills or tablets more appealing.

There are also some supplements, including magnesium, that are hygroscopic. This means they could attract and hold water. If that’s the case, the pill or tablet form is out of the question because the supplement will disintegrate if the container holding it isn’t sealed properly.

There are two forms of magnesium: magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride. Magnesium oxide is less expensive, but it may also be less absorbed and can trigger diarrhea. Meanwhile, magnesium chloride is hygroscopic. It’s water-soluble, so it’s easily absorbed and has no side effects like diarrhea. But if you require a high dosage of this, consume it in liquid form since you’ll have to take a lot of pills to get the right amount of magnesium.

You might also want to opt for liquid formulas if you’re worried about having an upset stomach for taking multiple pill supplements.

Final Thoughts

As you age, your capability to absorb and digest nutrients from the food you eat may decrease. Your risk of getting sick would likely be higher as well because your immune system might not perform as well as it used to. Whether you’re someone who’d like to enhance their wellness or someone who needs to improve their nutrition, consuming liquid supplements could be a great addition to your daily life.

Liquid supplements are known to be absorbed better than pills, be easier to swallow, and possibly reduce one’s risk of certain conditions. They’re also great for children and adults who are having a hard time swallowing.

Still, the choice between liquid and solid supplements is up to you. Consider various factors such as your purpose for taking them, your budget, and your swallowing tolerance. In the end, regardless of the type you go for, the most important thing is that you’ll be able stay healthy in the long run with the help of supplements.

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