What Are Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are a commodity nowadays. It’s a staple.

Not just for fitness personalities, but for people who find themselves needing that extra bit of protein. It’s a helpful substance and one that is certain to work.

It’s an incredibly efficient way of making sure that you’re getting the protein that you need to keep your body going. Most of these sell for a pretty fair price, and you can take them when it’s convenient for you.

Some will take them as meal replacements and others as Post Workout recovery shakes.

However, have you ever thought to ask…


What Are Protein Supplements 1

What are they made out of and how do they work?

You might already know this, but protein comes in many forms. There are many sources of protein, and a couple of them are made into protein powders.

What those are, we’ll discuss later. First, let’s talk about the forms that protein comes in when they are inside of a supplement.

Concentrated Protein

This is a form of protein that contains a high-concentrate of protein, hence the name. The protein inside of a concentrate takes up around 60-80 percent, with the rest being a mix of fats and carbohydrates.

Isolated Protein

If that isn’t enough, some companies will go as far as to burn up the supplement even more. This eliminates all other material and isolates the protein completely. On average, you get around 90-95% pure protein.

Hydrolysate Protein

Not to sound repetitive, but the party doesn’t stop there. Some companies challenge themselves- and the protein that they use, by burning it up even more. Doing this makes the protein easier to absorb and thus, easier to use (1).


Now that we’ve discussed the different types of protein, we can make segway into what protein is actually made out of.

As mentioned previously, there are tons substances that can provide protein. However, only a couple of them is made into protein powder. The one form that we will be talking about is the most popular form of protein out there.

Whey Protein

One cannot talk about protein supplements, and not talk about Whey Protein.

This is the most popular form of protein out there. It’s particularly helpful for those who need a quick fix. The product is fast-acting, which means- you can take it before or after a workout and feel good as new.

The ingredient itself is extracted from milk. It is the fastest digesting protein out there. One that provides a rapid release of amino acids that can help you build muscle mass and strength (2).


Protein is important.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is a lying sack of shit because not even the devil can deny how vital it is that you get the proper amount of protein every day.

Protein Supplements are an easy way of making sure that you are getting that required amount- and in a way that is most efficient for you.

It’s particularly helpful for people who are struggling because of strict diets or strict schedules.

If you need it? Take it. It won’t do you any harm, in fact, it’ll likely help you out a lot.

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