Six Star Whey Protein Review

Six Star Whey Protein is a solution that contains a hundred percent whey protein. This protein claims to be effective for increasing one’s strength and building lean muscle. Our Six Star Whey Protein Review will determine whether that is actually the case.

Because most companies make big promises- like the false prophets meant to take you away from the side of good, drawing you closer to Sin. Unfortunately for us, these shitty-ass companies are everywhere- making it important that every supplement be looked at under a super-fine microscope.

Which is what this article is for- scoping out the bullshit, and getting straight to the truth.

How does Six Star Whey Protein work?

This solution is a primary powder that utilizes whey protein, ensuring that one’s body gets the protein it requires after a workout. According to the manufacturers of this product, it is seventy percent better when compared to regular whey alone.

Such claims usually puts a sour taste in my mouth, but again, we’ll listen to what the supplement has to say for itself, before making any quick judgements.  

To ensure easy mixing, the manufacturers use instantized whey. They also incorporate a proven strength and muscle builder to ensure that users get the utmost benefits from the product. This protein plays a major role in the nutritional supplement space.  

Whey has been known to act fast, enabling muscles to obtain amino acids and proteins as quickly as possible. This is crucial, especially after a grueling workout, a good protein supplement is good at assisting one’s muscles to rebuild faster and eliminate any soreness one might have the following day.

Feeling all sore and suckered out is something that often leads to a disappointment that can have people quitting before they can get ahead. It slows down their gains, and keeps them from seeing any actual progress.

By supplementing your diet with a protein blend, you can achieve more out of the lifts and be in a position to get back to the gym faster.

Six Star Whey Protein is improved with core ingredients, which are clinically proven to build seventy percent more strength and muscle than whey protein alone. Six Star Whey Protein is also mainly powered by instatized and ultrafiltered 100 percent protein for easy mixing and fast absorption. You can trust this supplement for the best taste, best formula and the best outcome.

Six Star Whey Protein is designed for strength trainers, active people, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes. This supplement is produced according to cGMP standards as the law requires for all dietary supplements.

Six Star Whey Protein Ingredients

Six Star Whey Protein

  • Fat: 2g
  • Calories: 180
  • Carbohydrates :9g
  • Cholesterol : 55mg
  • Sodium: 170mg
  • Protein: 30g
  • Creatine monohydrate: 2.5 g

Protein Blend

When searching through the protein blends of various supplements, it is advisable to ensure that the protein is derived from high quality substances. Some manufactures get their protein from cheap protein sources in order to make a lot of money from selling their products.

Such manufacturers claim that they are selling high quality products, even if this is not always the case. You should therefore be extra careful when looking for the product to use.  

Six Star Whey Protein utilizes an instantized variety of whey protein, which enables the body to digest the protein faster. Unlike many supplements where the protein blend is not of high quality, Six Star Whey Protein is made from high quality products.


The protein has BCAAs, which are a significant addition to protein blends in the appropriate quantity. Some products contain a small amount of BCAAs but having it in larger amount help to enhance the growth of muscle and minimize the recovery time significantly.  

Unfortunately, the majority of protein supplements do not put additional BCAAS and tend to rely on natural amino acids so as to save money. If you tend to buy such a supplement, you should consider purchasing BCAAs separately and add them to the protein drink you like.

Buy Six Star Whey Protein

Price: $19.99

The price for this little sucker is as tempting as the devil himself. At 19.99 US Dollars per 2lbs container, the Six Star Whey Protein supplement is definitely a lot cheaper than most protein supplements out there.

Side Effects of Six Star Whey Protein

High Sodium and Cholesterol content keeps this protein supplement from being completely healthy and safe. People who have cardiovascular disease, are lactose intolerant, or are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above should avoid taking this supplement until a medical consultation with a licensed medical profession can be taken.

Six Star Whey Protein Review Results and Expected Effects

Not bad- considering the price and the 30 grams of protein available. However, because it is made almost entirely of Whey Protein Concentrate- it ended up particularly high in sodium and cholesterol content as well.

It’s not something for the weak-hearted. Literally and figuratively.

The good:

  • Works fast
  • Low fat
  • Delivers glutamine and BCAAs
  • A hundred percent instantized whey protein
  • Builds lean muscles
  • Enhances recovery time
  • Easy to digest

The bad:

  • Not very impressive
  • Whey protein is not very healthy when compared to isolate.
  • High in calories.
Moderately Effective

Six Star Whey Protein Review

With 30g of Protein the Six Start Whey Protein is more than enough to help you gain muscle and help soreness after a workout. However, high sodium/cholesterol content leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Six Star Whey Protein Review

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