Ascent Protein Review

Protein is arguably one of the most crucial supplements you can have in a muscle building or even fat loss stack. It is the holy water or the devils magic of the fitness world. As a MACRO protein is something you get through your diet, but supplements can make it much easier to give your body more than enough to help meet your goals. In our Ascent Protein Review we will take a look at this popular form of your standard whey protein and see what it offers above the competitors.

Based in Denver, Ascent are a relatively new supplements company and specialize in a limited few supplements. They offer both a whey and casein form of protein.

Protein is their specialism and the site offers a protein calculator so you can figure out your intake too. But what does their native whey protein offer that competitors doesn’t?

How does Ascent Protein Work?

Ascent have designed their native protein to deliver 25g of Protein per scoop. This is more than enough to have you covered if you are having 3 meals a day with protein in each meal also.

Ascent Protein use ‘Native whey’, which is created from fresher milk than some other protein supplements. However probably doesn’t offer the same benefit that grass fed whey might.

The business was family owned and used to sell their protein to other companies, however recently claim that they have perfected the recipe for protein.

But given the ingredients, and the fact we put our supplements into hell, we are a bit skeptical here.

Ascent Whey Protein Facts

Buy Ascent Protein

Ascent Protein costs $41.99 for 29 servings which will see you a month. Given there’s little evidence in the way of the native whey, this does seem a little expensive.

But, it’s hard to argue this is a high grade and premium product in terms of it’s taste and the fact it contains no artificial flavorings.

Ascent are also guys with 30 years experience in the protein business so you know you are buying from a good company who have proven reviews and reliable customer service.

If you want to order yourself some Ascent Whey it’s available from or you can buy it here.

What’s Different about Ascent Protein?

They’re experienced and know protein and know how to help you. But in terms of the supplement, you’re probably not going to notice much difference right off the bat.

You may do if you’ve tried loads of different types and you’ve got an extremely sensitive palette to the taste of these supplements, but otherwise you just have to trust.

The flavors are pretty good that Ascent Protein comes in though, and if you have your shake after a morning workout, the cappuccino one is a must try.

Ascent Protein Review Results and Expected Effects

As a protein supplement you’re going to get some good clean results from Ascent Protein. But where the value of this product really lies is that the business knows protein.

You’ll get spot on advice, amazing customer service and everything for the money you pay for this product.

Ascent Protein Pros:

  • Highly trusted company
  • Great Customer Support
  • Good flavours

Ascent Protein Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Small monthly supply

Ascent Protein Review

A fairly standard protein from a highly reputable source.

  • Ascent Whey Protein Review

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