Why is caffeine good in Pre Workouts?

If you’re a gym bunny, you’ll know that using pre-workout supplements and pre-workout shakes before exercising can help you during your workout. But, when it comes to how pre-workouts actually work, there’s conflicting information out there which may confuse you.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the actual ingredients themselves. A common ingredient which is found within many pre workout supplements is caffeine. But, just why is caffeine good in pre workouts?

That’s the main question. If you’re one of these people who wants to find out why caffeine is a key ingredient in pre-workout supplements, then keep reading. In the following article, you’ll find out everything that you need to know.

Why is caffeine good in Pre Workouts

What are Pre Workouts?

Basically, pre-workout supplements boost your energy levels before you exercise, which is why they’re usually taken 30-minutes before exercise. Pre-workout supplements are designed to help your body to take in as many nutrients as possible from the supplement in order to maximize muscle growth during your workout (1).

Therefore, most pre-workout supplements are made of the following key ingredients since these ingredients promote nutrient uptake, a boost of energy, fat burn, and muscle growth:

  • Caffeine
  • Amino acids
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Creatine

Each of these ingredients are featured within many pre workout supplements, and each have their own benefits and drawbacks. But, all in all, what matters the most is the dosage of the ingredients. If the dosage contained within the pre workout is too low, then you won’t be getting the best bang for your buck.

Conversely, if the dosage is too high, then you can often end up doing more harm than good. Essentially, you might just run the risk of encountering unwanted side effects. Take caffeine for instance – when the dosage is too high, you will more often than not come face to face with energy crashes and jitters.

UItimately, this means that you’ll have the exact opposite effect of what you want to happen. After all, you’re taking a pre workout supplement to improve your performance in the gym, right?

What is caffeine?

Caffeine is a nutrient that is naturally produced by the coffee plant. However, caffeine is not only found in coffee beans. There are also a variety of plants that produce caffeine. 

When consumed, caffeine provides an energy boosting effect that helps increase activity. Basically, it helps you perform intense physical activities for extended periods of time. This is the reason that most people remain alert for most of the night after drinking a cup of coffee.  

Of course, some people may be more sensitive caffeine than others. This might require you to take less caffeine or to take more.

What is the optimal dosage?

Here at Supplement Devil, we ensure that when it comes to caffeine, we pay close attention to the dosage per serving. Essentially, this allows us to make sure that we get an effective dose of caffeine which will provide the boost of energy we need to perform at our best during our workouts.

We suggest sticking to less than 200mg of caffeine per serving. Any more than this, then the aforementioned side effects such as energy crashes are exactly what can occur. This is the last thing you’d want when you’re attempting to improve your performance and get the results that you desire.

However, it’s probably best to start as low as possible – typically around 150mg per serving. If you do exactly that, then you’ll be able to gradually increase your dosage over time to find an optimal dosage for you. In spite of this, be sure that you don’t exceed the recommended dosage for the supplement you’re taking, as you might end up having a higher dosage than you need when it comes to other ingredients.

What is also important to consider is the fact that you may also be consuming caffeine in other areas of your diet. This includes things such as a cup of coffee or green tea. So, be sure to pay attention to your overall caffeine intake. More is definitely not better – your body will eventually build up a tolerance and you won’t feel the effects as much.

What does caffeine do in a pre-workout?

Caffeine itself is one of the main ingredients that promotes energy during your exercise after you have taken a pre-workout supplement.

Additionally, caffeine is the main reason your body has a boost of energy during your workout. You will also be able to enjoy increased endurance, strength, and power simultaneously during this time too.

Caffeine also offers increased alertness during exercise. It allows you to focus for the entire period of exercise without feeling fatigued or wanting to stop halfway. Additionally, caffeine also stimulates your body’s muscles to contract and relax quicker. This means that you are able to perform extended reps for long periods of time. This will increase muscle mass production and help you shred body fat.

It is also important to remember that caffeine can be addictive and have adverse effects. So, make sure that you are taking in only a recommended daily amount (2). To calculate your caffeine limits, you can use this as a guide.

As mentioned previously, you might need more – you might need less. The best way to find out is to try the minimum dose first. You can slowly make your way up as you go.

Conclusion – Why is caffeine good in Pre Workouts?

Ultimately, caffeine is a really good stimulant to use in a pre-workout. Not only will it help to improve your workout performance, it can also help you on your fat loss journey too. This is all down to the appetite suppressing properties of caffeine – allowing you to combat cravings which will, in turn, lead to an increased fat loss potential.

For the reasons listed above, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to see caffeine as a main ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It’s something that you can find in a variety of supplements. Of course, if you want to check out the best of the best, then you can visit our Top 5 Fat Burners list.

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