What makes you itchy in pre workouts?

And how to avoid it...

Anyone who’s tried a couple of pre workouts is probably very aware of the issues with ‘itching’. Some people absolutely hate it and avoid it at all costs. Whilst others think it’s their supplement ‘working’. But what makes you itchy in pre workouts?

If you’re working out and trying a new pre workout, and suddenly your skin is tingling beyond what’s comfortable, it can be fucking annoying. And no, it’s not because you’ve supplemented someone that’s been created in the fires of hell. But because of a single ingredient.

The itching you are feeling is a sensation called paresthesia. And sadly, once you’ve supplemented something that causes it, there isn’t a right lot you can do but wait it out.

The ingredient that causes itching

Now, the pre workout ingredient that causes that itching sensation is called beta alanine.This is an amino acid that’s used in pre workouts as it can improve strength and muscular endurance.

Beta alanine is naturally occurring  amino acid and is the only naturally occuring beta-amino acid.


It works to improve performance and endurance by increasing the levels of carnosine available to muscle. Increased carosine serves as an intermuscular buffer. So increased levels lead to increases in muscular performance, by the way of energy in the muscle.

So why can’t you just supplement carnosine?

Carnosine is broken down when supplemented orally. Which means that it’s a waste supplementing it and will have negligible effects.

Alternatives to beta alanine?

If you’re looking for a pre workout, but want to avoid the itching side effects of beta alanine there are luckily a few options. Whilst beta alanine is a pretty good ingredient at what it does, we can’t stress how annoying that itching can actually be.

So, if you’re wanting to improve endurance in the gym and get your muscles working harder than ever you should be considering the amino acids L-Carntine and L-citrulline di malate in your pre workouts.

Both of these ingredients can benefit performance in a similar way to beta alanine and both have none of the side effects.


This is an amino acid that can increase energy levels through improving energy metabolism at a cellular level. It’s best supplemented in higher doses and can also help with fat loss.


Probably a good alternative to beta alanine, creatine helps load your muscles with ATP, which they use for energy as you are training. Best thing is, creatine is completely side effect free.

Best pre workouts without side effects

4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

If you’re looking for a pre workout without any side effects we’d recommend taking a look at 4 Gauge. 4 Gauge is a completely natural pre workout that focsuses on using natually occurring amino acids, coupled with clean and focused energy.

4 Gauge offers a side effect free experience that gives you:

  • Intense muscle pumps 
  • Focused energy
  • Zero side effects

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What makes you itchy in pre workouts – SOLVED.

So the culprit that makes you want to tear your skin off in pre workouts is beta alanine. This is dose dependent too, so you can feel a slight bit of parathesia from as little as 300mg. But most pre workouts you might find dose 1000mg up.

If you want to completely avoid side effects with your pre workout, you need to avoid beta alanine altogether. Alternatives are there though, like creatine or l-carnitine. You can also improve muscular endurance with l-citrulline too.

We’d recommend 4 Gauge as a natural and safe pre workout. There’s no energy crashes, no artificial sweeteners or flavors and no fucking beta alanine.

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