What Causes Itching In Pre Workout Supplements?

If you’ve taken a Pre Workout supplement before, then you’ve probably felt a sort of tingly or itchy feeling. That’s normal for Pre Workouts.

BUT, what is it that causes this sensation?

Believe or not, the reason is quite simple. It’s nothing complicated. In fact, it has to do with ingredients that are usually found inside of Pre Workout Supplements.

Now, you might be asking- why. Why would they put ingredients that cause such an itchy feeling? Well, that’s what we’re hoping to clear up for you today.

It should be said that this is only the likely reason as to why you’re feeling an itching sensation, it’s not necessarily a cure-all. There could be other reasons and other sensations that you’re feeling.


The two most popular Pre Workout ingredients that can cause an itching sensation are beta-alanine and niacin (vitamin B3.)

Both ingredients are meant to help you in different ways and have enough research to back up the supposed benefits. So it makes sense that supplement companies put them into their formulas.

After all, what’s a little itching if it means making your workouts more powerful and more efficient? Well, even though these side-effects are harmless- for the most part. There are some people that are turned off by the idea of using them- especially those who are particularly sensitive to the ingredients.

To these people, the sensation is less of a harmless tingle, but more like they had just clawed their way out of a hell pit. Trust me, it ain’t pretty.

Now, let’s talk about these ingredients.

You can decide for yourself whether they’re any good or not.


Beta-Alanine is the biggest offender when it comes to itching in Pre Workouts (1). You can find it everywhere, and one can argue that it’s meant to be there. If you’ve read any of our reviews, we make sure to warn all of our readers to stave off from supplements with Beta-Alanine.

That isn’t to say, that you shouldn’t take these supplements. Just that you should be aware that taking these can cause discomfort on your part.

So why do people take supplements with Beta-Alanine?

Well, it’s because- sometimes it is worth the risk. If you’re one of the people who can withstand the itchy feeling that you can get from these supplements, then it might be worth it.

Beta-Alanine is an effective muscle-pump activator. Meaning, you’re bound to get more pump per rep without the uncomfortable burn or muscle fatigue that one might get when lifting heavy weights.

Is it effective? Yes. Is it an uncomfortable little shit. Yes, times two.

The deal with Niacin is the same, although it’s a little more difficult for us to stand up for this one (2). Niacin is a vitamin that causes your skin to get red and flushed- one that might evolve into an itchy or tingly feeling.

This makes it seem like something is working- somehow. However, Niacin itself is a shitty Pre Workout ingredient. It’s more effective as a fat burner and has no reason to be in a Pre Workout supplement.


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