Vega Sport Pre Workout Review

Vega Sport Pre Workout is an 100% natural side effect free product. Just like our current highest rated product. In our Vega Sport Pre Workout Review though we’ll rip the contents of this pre workout apart and compare it to current market leaders.

Vega Sport Pre Workout is a plant based product that claims to offer immediate sustained energy and enhanced aerobic and anaerobic performance.

It comes loaded with dietary fibre too, allowing the carbs to serve as even more potential energy for those that workout.

Vega Sport Pre Workout Pros
  • Plant Based Formula
  • Currently on Sale
  • Some performance enhancers
Vega Sport Pre Workout Cons
  • Better natural options available
  • Lots of weak ingredients
  • Dosing issues
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How Does Vega Sport Pre Workout Work?

Vega pride themselves on producing clean and plant based nutrition. Vega Sport Pre workout is a product that uses a blend of some diverse herbs to try and give you similar effects to top pre workouts. Namely, an increase in energy.

There’s a big focus on tea, with both Yerba Mate and Green Tea in this pre workout blend providing a level of stimulant that will help improve overall focus.

But, overall the blend in Vega Sport isn’t that impressive. It’s got the fact it’s completely plant based on it’s side, but realistically most pre workouts are suitable for vegetarians and have no animal products in them.

You should feel a slight increase in energy before your session, but generally the amounts of some of these natural ingredients aren’t really backed by scientific studies.

The blend will be even more lacking if you are looking for a pre workout to go alongside a weight training program.

Vega Sport Pre Workout Ingredients

Ingredients that are plant based can be extremely effective, but only certain ones. What you want from a pre workout is to be looking for key amino acids that are naturally occurring, as well as some amounts of natural ingredients within your formula.

Vega Sport Energize Ingredients

Yerba Mate

With traces of caffeine and a small amount of theobromine, Yerba Mate is often touted as a good pre workout ingredient to promote focus and energy. But, in reality, this South American native plant has very few studies that actually back up any claims.

You’d be far better off supplementing clear caffeine in a pre workout that relying on something that won’t have any effect.

Devils Claw

There’s a chance that devils claw supplementation can work to reduce inflammation and apparently reduce lower back pain.

But, there is no evidence to support it’s use for anything that would work in a pre workout supplement. In fact, we’re a little confused as to why it’s in this product at all?

Green Tea

Green tea is a widely consumed drink that’s used in a lot of fat burner supplements. It can work in a pre workout sense due to the fact that it does contain a dose of caffeine, however this is quite low.

Green tea can help with focus and energy levels whilst also boosting metabolism for those looking to increase fat burning during their workouts.


Rhodiola is a plant that has been used as a traditional medicine for years. It’s one of the most consumed adaptagen herbs in traditional medicine.

Rhodiola is effective as it can help improve cognition and reduce the effects of fatigue. There are also some studies that support it’s use in reducing anxiety.


Ginseng is a hugely popular supplement that has the potential to improve exercise performance and many other aspects of your body.

Studies fully support it’s use to improve cognition when it’s consumed at the right doses. It may work to help naturally boost testosterone levels, however the dose in Vega Sport Energize is probably a little low for this.


Tumeric has been getting plenty of press recently as a wonder herb, and many people have begun supplementing it on it’s own. These effects do require more studies to be performed though. For now it’s used mainly as an aid to help increase the absorption rate of ingredients in supplements.


Ginger may reduce DOMS following heavy workouts. But currently the studies aren’t exactly conclusive on this matter. In terms of general effects it’s been found that Ginger supplementation can reduce nausea though. Which is a mild benefit.

More research is required to see if the testosterone boosting effects of Ginger prove to be true.

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Vega Sport Pre Workout Side Effects

Due to the safe dosages and the completely plant based ingredients, there is basically no chance of side effects from supplementing Vega Sport Pre Workout.

The actual effects you get from using it as a pre workout are going to be also fairly limited. Which might prove frustrating for some people.

Our top pre workouts are all based around products which work to deliver the highest possible performance with limited to no side effects.

Buy Vega Sport Pre Workout

You can buy Vega Sport Pre workout energize from Amazon. But the best price is currently over on iHerb who are offering this product for $29.99.

It’s not a bad price, but for a little more you can get one of our top rated pre workouts. Our number #1 is 100% natural with no artificial colors or flavorings and offers clean energy and unbelievable muscle pumps and performance.

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review Results and Expected Effects

We like that this product is purely plant based supplement. But, the effects just don’t compare with other top pre workouts that are also suitable for vegetarians.

You will see some slight increases in energy from taking Vega Sport Pre Workout Energize, but this will largely be from the Green tea and Yerba Mate.

Those that are currently dieting may also benefit from the added carbohydrates in the blend. But even this isn’t going to amount to much.

Vega Sport have very much made a pre workout for those that prefer a softer experience and don’t need results or to train at their absolute best.

Lots of the herbs used in this pre workout have benefits outside of exercise performance. And whilst this may appeal to some, if you’re interesting in improving performance we’d recommend you look elsewhere.

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Vega Sport Pre Workout Review

Sadly this plant based pre-workout can't compare to top natural products.

  • Vega Sport Pre Workout Review

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