Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood Pre Workout Review

Our Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood review will analyze the hell out the advantages and effects of Truth Nutraceutical’s Redwood Pre Workout supplement.

The manufacturer claims that this product can boost nitric oxide and promote muscle pumps, blood flow, and testosterone. If you are looking for a Pre Workout supplement that will enhance your training, then this might be the solution for you.

However, we cannot confidently say that it is the best Pre Workout formula. Our review looks at how it works, its side effects, price, and ingredients. We will offer you insight on whether if this is a good supplement to use or if it is one of the shitty supplements that deserve to be thrown into hell and remain there forever.

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How Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood works

Nitric oxide supplements are marketed like they are natural steroids. The reason for this is that nitric oxide increases blood flow to the muscles. It also increases nutrient delivery, which helps elevate the rate of protein synthesis.

However, the nutrient profile of the Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood supplement is thin. It could be much better. Redwood appears to focus more on boosting immunity rather than boosting nitric oxide. This is not good news.

From our analysis, we have noted that the manufacturer has missed out on a number of core ingredients that can help boost nitric oxide.

Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood Ingredients

Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood Pre Workout Review Ingredients

Vitamin C

This is an important vitamin in any diet, but it may not be a good booster of nitric oxide. Some studies have shown that vitamin C has a mild effect in increasing blood flow. However, nothing significant has been noted. The main benefit of vitamin C is enhancing immunity, which helps the body defend itself against illnesses.

Garlic Bulb

Like vitamin C, garlic also does more to promote immunity rather than increasing nitric oxide levels. This ingredient is recommended more to people who want to boost their immune system rather than those who want to increase blood flow. Some studies have also shown that garlic helps to reduce blood pressure. However, there is not much evidence that garlic can increase nitric oxide, muscle pumps and blood flow.

Horse Chestnut

There is a lot of evidence showing that horse chestnut extract can increase blood flow and circulation. Due to the effectiveness of this ingredient in increasing blood flow, it is commonly utilized as a natural treatment for certain health issues such as varicose veins. Horse chestnut is a great vasodilator for anyone who wants to increase nitric oxide levels in the body.

Masson Pine

This ingredient appears to be more effective in boosting testosterone as opposed to nitric oxide. Pine pollen contains a minute amount of testosterone. Nevertheless, some studies show that this testosterone does not have an effect in the body. Masson pine is not effective in boosting testosterone and it does not increase nitric oxide.

Overall, this nutrient profile is not the best we have seen in nitric oxide boosters. Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood lacks adequate core ingredients to make a significant difference. It would have been more effective if it contained ingredients such as Betaine and L-Citrulline

Buy Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood

Price: $29.95

You should take this supplement before a workout. The manufacturer recommends that you take 3 tablets daily. It also recommends the continuous use of this supplement in order for one to achieve the true benefits it offers.

You can buy this supplement for $29.95 at the manufacturer’s official website. This is a single month’s supply. If you purchase two bottles at the same time, you will spend $47.95. The best deal that the official online store offers is a 3 product bundle whose price is $59.97.

Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood Side effects

We do not think that you will experience any problems if you use this product. All the ingredients used to formulate it are derived from nature. Truth Nutraceuticals is good at producing products that do not cause side effects.

Nonetheless, some of the ingredients in this product have the potential to lower blood pressure. Therefore, if you are currently receiving treatment for hypertension, it is advisable to consult with a doctor first before using Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood.

Truth Nutraceuticals RedWood Review Results and Expected Effects

We cannot put this product in the category of the best pre workouts. It is not a great nitric oxide booster. There are better Pre Workouts on the market. Truth Nutraceuticals RedWood is missing important ingredients like Betaine and Citrulline, which could have significantly enhanced its nitric oxide boosting capabilities.

In addition, many of the ingredients in this product lack clinical backing for nitric oxide production. This supplement is one of those that deserve to be thrown into a fiery pit.

As it stands, we won’t be able to confidently recommend this to our readers. However, if you are looking for a good Pre Workout supplement, then I would suggest heading over to our Top 5 Pre Workout Reviews and start there.

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Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood Pre Workout Review

Truth Nutraceuticals RedWood is not an effective pre workout supplement. If you are searching for a supplement that is effective for enhancing muscle pumps, you should look out for a better product.

  • Truth Nutraceuticals Redwood Pre Workout Review

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