Purus Labs Stimpact Review

When you’re looking for a more effective and efficient way to get the results that you desire in the gym, a solid pre workout supplement can certainly guide you in the right direction – providing a boost of energy, improving your focus, and increasing blood flow to your muscles for more of a pump.

In our review of Purus Labs Stimpact, we’ll look into how it stacks up against its competitors, and examine whether it really lives up to its claims.

Purus Labs Stimpact is certainly a stimulant powerhouse. But, is that such a good thing? Find out as SupplementDevil tells all in our Purus Labs Stimpact review.


Purus Labs Stimpact First Impressions

Purus Labs claim that their Stimpact pre workout is one of the strongest on the market. But, we’re a little skeptical when it comes to its performance due to the overload of stimulants contained within the product.

In spite of this, we found that their website was easy to navigate, and the price of the pre workout is pretty reasonable too.

Stimpact First Impressions

What Will Purus Labs Stimpact Do?

Purus Labs Stimpact will provide a boost of energy prior to your workout, in addition to inducing muscle pumps and improving your focus.

But, the high amount of stimulants contained within the product means you might run the risk of unwanted side effects. It even says on their website that you shouldn’t use this product daily!

Purus Labs Stimpact Ingredients

Purus Labs Stimpact Ingredients


Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine induces pumps within the body – allowing you to obtain great benefits during your workouts. However, it’s known to cause tingling and intense itching. So, be sure to be cautious when it comes to consuming this particular compound.


Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is contained in many pre workout supplements, and for good reason too – it actually works! In sensible dosages, it can provide a burst of energy for your workouts.

Unfortunately, the high dosage of 425mg contained with Purus Labs Stimpact means that you run the risk of a huge energy crash and perhaps jitters too.


Theacrine is a stimulant which is known to boost your energy, along with your mental and physical performance so you’re able to achieve better results in the gym.


Yes, another stimulant! Theobromine provides a burst of energy much like caffeine but a lot weaker. It’s a compound that’s mainly found within cocoa beans.



Contained with many plants, Methylliberine is a component which can be found in coffee beans, cocoa, and guarana. It’s said to increase your alertness and energy so you can hit your workouts harder and obtain better results.

Huperzine Serrata Extract

This particular compound has also been said to increase your energy and alertness. However, there’s currently little evidence to suggest that this is true.

As well as this, Huperzine Serrata Extract can sometimes cause unwanted side effects in certain individuals. This includes the likes of twitching of muscle fibers and nausea.

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Purus Labs Stimpact Dose

The serving size of Stimpact is 1 scoop which equates to 9.9g. There’s 30 servings in the container. So, if you follow Purus Labs’ guidelines and don’t use it every day, it should last you a while.

However, one of the biggest downfalls of Stimpact is its overuse of stimulating ingredients and a monstrous 425mg of caffeine per serving – this really isn’t as great as it seems.

You should stick to less than 200mg of caffeine per serving ideally. If you limit your caffeine intake, you’ll be able to experience an optimal energy boost while avoiding energy crashes at the same time.

Purus Labs Stimpact Side Effects

Due to the insane amount of stimulants contained within Purus Labs Stimpact, side effects are inevitable. This includes energy crashes and jitters which is the result of an overload of caffeine within the body.

You should really pay attention when it comes to consuming caffeine. More really isn’t better, it can result in the exact opposite of why you’re consuming it in the first place!

Purus Labs Stimpact Taste

There’s two flavors available when you order from Purus Labs’ website – Fresh Squeezed Lemonade and Smooth Tropical Breeze.

We opted for the latter, and found that it was pretty tasty and reminded us of sunny days by the beach. It’s quite a unique flavor, and so in terms of taste, we couldn’t really fault the product.

Buy Purus Labs Stimpact

Purus Labs Stimpact Price: $39.95

You can order Purus Labs Stimpact direct, the supplement has just hit the market and if you’re a sadist and into making yourself have hardcore energy crashes you can do so for $39.95.

A reasonable price, but for us it just doesn’t make for a reasonable pre workout experience.

Purus Labs Stimpact Review Results and Conclusion

Overall, it can be said that our overall experience when using Purus Labs Stimpact was quite mixed. As we’ve already mentioned, the taste was pretty good, but that’s pretty much where the good points end.

While we were able to feel a sharp boost in energy at first, the high number of stimulants contained within the product is a bit too much. Ultimately, we suffered from energy crashes and jitters.

When you look at how much caffeine is contained within Stimpact, it really isn’t a surprise that side effects occurred – there’s 425mg per serving, which is more than double the amount we recommend you take with each serving!

For that reason, we can rate our overall experience as pretty poor. What’s more, the inclusion of unproven ingredients meant that we didn’t get optimal results and there’s better options out there.

For that reason, Stimpact misses out on our top 5 pre workout supplements. There’s far better pre workout supplements on the market at the moment, and they all use ingredients that are proven to work in more sensible dosages.

If we were to sum things up in a nutshell, here’s what we have to say:

  • Flavour is good, but only two choices so your options are limited
  • Experienced a short burst in energy
  • Too many stimulants led to harsh unwanted side effects such as energy crashes

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