Probulus Pre Workout Review

We’ve reviewed fat burner and testosterone booster from Probulus so far. With mixed outcomes. Can Probulus Pre Workout supplement be the A* blend you need to experience muscle pumps, focused energy and improved performance? Our Probulus Pre Workout Review is putting this product through hell to find out.

Pre workouts can differ widely in what they do. It’s common to find powders that are backed with everything from Citrus Aurtium, to Broccoli extract. In reality though, you need a targeted of good amino acids and some stimulants. Nothing much more.

This will deliver muscle pumps and a much greater overall level of performance, without any of the awful side effects. Our current top 5 pre workouts are clean, natural and powerful. Will Probulus make the cut?

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Probulus Pre Workout First Impressions

Probulus Pre Workout Claims
Probulus Pre Workout Claims

This is a good looking product and Probulus are a fairly good supplements brand. Even if they have a slightly higher price point than others.

The ingredients in this pre workout are all natural, which is great and means that side effects will be slightly more limited.

Overall first impressions are pretty good, although there are a couple of slightly alarming ingredients on the supplement facts of this product!

How Will Probulus Pre Workout Work?

Probulus Pre workout’s main ingredients are a set of amino acids that will work by aiding neuromuscular function. Some of these are better than others, and there are a couple in this pre workout that may cause you unwanted side effects.

Other ways in which this pre workout drink works, is by increasing energy and reducing fatigue from stimulants.

There are also elements in here that will enhance your focus. Allowing you to stay tuned into the gym session.

Whilst the above effects should occur due to the ingredients, Probulus pre workout does contain a couple of ingredients that may negatively impact performance.

Probulus Pre Workout Ingredients

There’s a good base of some proven performance enhancers in Probulus pre workout’s ingredients.

Amino acids are the centre of all pre workouts and the drivers of effects. In terms of amounts of ingredients though this product is fairly good. If not slightly under what some more focused and effective pre workouts would have in them.

Probulus Pre Workout Ingredients

BCAA Vegan

BCAA’s are good at aiding protein synthesis and muscle building. Most people choose to supplement these separate to a pre workout as they need a very high dose. You may also find that you get enough BCAA’s from your diet without needing extra.

Beta Alanine

The devil get’s frustrated when this appears in pre workouts.Generally, it’s fucking annoying side effects don’t outweigh the benefits.Beta alanine can help improve athletic performance,but is also responsible for the itching side effect known as parasthesia.

Betaine Anhydrous

Strangely whilst some studies support the use of Betaine Anhydrous to improve exercise performance in trained athletes. Sadly, there’s no results for normal people. Which means this could be a very hit and miss ingredient.


An essential pre workout boost, caffeine will improve energy levels, focus and also boost up metabolism. Caffeine has very limited side effects unless you take an extreme dose or mix it with other stimulants. A great choice whatever your goals.

Citrulline Malate

Increases the amount of nitric oxide in blood vessels which makes your muscles get a stronger flow of blood. If you’ve ever seen a bodybuilder with pumped up arms, it’s because of this ingredient. Because your muscles get more oxygen and nutrients delivered, you’ll find your performance hugely increases.

Grape Seed Extract

A good source of natural flavoring and may also offer some benefits to circulation.


An amino acid that can help with mental focus and exercise performance. L-tyrosine works best in bigger doses. This can help take the edge off the stimulants in a pre workout and get you focusing on killing the weights.


1g of creatine can help support cognitive function. Which will in turn help with exercise performance!

Citrus Aurantium

This is where the risk lies with this pre workout. Citrus aurantium is also known as bitter orange. Chemically this isn’t too far away from banned substance ephedrene.

This is a potent stimulant who’s potential side effects are increased when it’s mixed with caffeine. It has little place in a pre workout supplement.

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Probulus Pre Workout Dose

You get a good amount of each ingredient in a double scoop of Probulus pre workout. The problem is that a double scoop can also heighten the risk of some unwanted side effects.

Caffeine has a reasonable dose. Beta alanine is quite highly dosed which does mean you have a high chance of parathesia.

L-Citrulline, a crucial ingredient for any pre workout is slightly under dosed which some people may find annoying. As this reduces the chance of muscle pumps and other associated performance benefits.

Probulus Pre Workout Side Effects

Probulus Pre Workout nearly gets away with only having a slim chance of unwanted side effects. But sadly it falls foul of the beta alanine curse.

Coupled with this for some reason the company have decided to put bitter orange extract in this pre workout. What were they thinking? Bitter orange when mixed with other stimulants can be extremely harmful. Very frustrating really.

Potential Probuls Pre Workout Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Parathesia

Buy Probulus Pre Workout

You can buy Probulus pre workout directly from the company website. Currently it’s on sale with 1 bottle costing just £20. Which isn’t bad at all.

Sadly, there are better options out there though. There’s a high chance this pre workout won’t agree with you, due to the couple of risky ingredients that have fallen into it’s blend.

Probulus Pre Workout Results and Expected Effects

There will be some good overall performance increases from supplementing Probulus pre workout. Coupled up with high energy and also the fact you’re getting a range of BCAA’s.

It’s worth being cautious though, as Bitter orange could cause nasty side effects in some people and is worth avoiding altogether if you’re a competitive athlete.

This isn’t a bad pre workout though and the price might make it irresistible for some people.

What’s Better than Probulus Pre Workout?

We’ve found a much more rounded and reliable pre workout that does everything you need to push PR’s and smash workouts. Our current favorite is 4 Gauge, and it’s a hotly reviewed and very focused pre workout.

Loads of people have suggested it be pre workout of the year in 2018. And it’s looking more and more likely that it will. Click here to see where it sits in our rankings. 

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>Top 5 Pre Workouts<


Probulus Pre Workout Review

Probulus pre workout is a good product that does carry some risks of unwanted side effects. There are better out there!

  • Probulus Pre Workout Review

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