Benefits of a pre workout supplement before cardio

Pre workout supplements can provide some pretty intense effects and really amplify your workout program. Most people assume though, that pre workouts are generally used for the weight room. Which begs the question, are there any benefits to a pre workout supplement before cardio?

Cardio is a bit of a general term here, whether you do steady state (running on a treadmill for ages) or short intense sprints (HIIT) though, you are performing cardio.

It stands for cardiovascular and can be a great way to boost fat loss or improve general health.

Pre workouts generally improve focus and endurance no matter what exercise you perform. It’s also worth taking a look at the ingredients in your supplement. As for cardio, you generally want a pre workout with focused ingredients that provide an energy boost. As opposed to a massive blend of BCAA’s.

Due to the different forms of cardio though you should expect different results from pre workout supplementation.

Pre workouts before HIIT Cardio

High intensity interval training involves short bursts of max effort exercise. This puts a big strain your cardiovascular system and requires a massive amount of quick energy. When you rest your heart and metabolism slows slightly, before it’s hit again with a rapid increase.

If you’re performing this kind of cardio a pre workout can pay off hugely. Due to the ingredients in some pre workouts you can optimize the systems required in your body to increase oxygen delivery by improving blood flow.

Coupled with these pumps and improvements you could also get a good amount of energy and focus.

This will result in higher fitness levels and calories burned. Meaning you’ll be fast tracking your way to hitting those goals!

Pre workouts before steady state cardio

We’ve all done a bit of steady state. It’s absolutely great for burning calories and improving base fitness levels. But it can be very time consuming and sometimes quite boring.

But, how would a pre workout affect steady state cardio performance? Well, it’d help improve focus and allow you to work for even longer. Meaning that slog on the treadmill might be a bit longer and done with a bit more vigor too!

The benefits of a pre workout before steady state cardio won’t be as obvious as if you were to use one before performing HIIT. But that doesn’t mean they are worthless.

Conclusion: Should you use a pre workout supplement before cardio?

If you want to improve your performance when you do either HIIT or steady state cardio a pre workout can be a great too.

Not only will it improve energy levels and focus, but they can also increase oxygen delivery and blood flow. Meaning your muscles will last longer and can endure more.

We’ve had great cardio sessions with a scoop of pre workout at the start! Just remember if you need to be training for longer than 45 minutes to half the scoop and mix some in a drink. This way your body stays topped up with key amino acids and nutrients throughout your cardio workout!

Supplement Devils Recommend Pre Workout for Cardio:

4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

We’d have to recommend 4 Gauge to improve cardiovascular performance. This pre workout doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners or flavorings and only uses scientifically backed doses of natural ingredients.

The blend in 4 Gauge works to deliver the following benefits:

  • High amounts of focused energy without crashes
  • Increased blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • Faster levels of hydration 
  • Zero side effects

If you aren’t convinced by 4 Gauge as a pre workout you can check out our list of other pre workouts. But make sure you don’t by a pre workout that’s bodybuilding focused as this won’t give you any benefits when it comes to cardio!

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