PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged Review

Our PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged Review will be putting a Pre Workout supplement through our hellish analysis. There are many different types of pre workout supplements, drinks and performance enhancers. Not all of them are perfect for your body.

Some of them have excellent ingredients in them. Some of them have shit ingredients. Some of them are quick in action and some of them are slow. Overall, there are many products to consider.

Nevertheless, it is a big problem for fitness enthusiasts, as they cannot decide between different pre workout enhancement supplements. In this article, we have selected the product PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged for review. The review will consider all the points and factors influencing the outcome. All the pros and cons will be weighed to provide a proper review.

PMD is a nutrition company, which manufactures pre-workout supplements, Testosterone supplements, and other body-related products. The company does not offer enough products to qualify as a global manufacturer.

Therefore, the reputation of the company is unknown. In addition, there is not much info on the company’s certifications and approval. When it comes to the product, it is available in four flavors (orange; watermelon, pink lemonade, and blue razz). It comes with 30 serving per container.

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How does PMD ACG3 SUPER work?

Every product has different ingredients. So it is highly important to look at all the ingredients and their effect to review whether the product is good or not. In addition to that, it is important to check, whether the ingredients are natural or not.

There are many ingredients inside of the PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged However,  having many ingredients does not make a product great. When you look at different combinations, it looks that the product lacks many healthy ingredients and it relies on only extractions.

As with every other company in the supplement field; PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged supplement also claims to provide energy, stamina, endurance, performance growth, and stamina. Yes, all of them are achievable with this product but the effectiveness is not above par.

As the product miss so much of important ingredients, it is difficult to expect a high level of quality from it. It is even impossible to check the effectiveness of different ingredients on your body as the information of ingredients blend is not available. However, the product has some good ingredients too.

PMD ACG3 SUPER Ingredients


Good, bad and replacement ingredients

Out of all the ingredients in the product Creatine, Betaine, Carnitine, Caffeine, and Choline are the important and vital ingredients. Apart from that others seems add-ons. It is a good thing to see that at least they added these ingredients.

Still, they lack many other ingredients in it. When you look at all the other ingredients, you feel that they need to replace with some other ingredients for best results. Ingredients like L-Theanine extracted Rhodiola Rosea and the L-Citrulline would be a perfect choice for replacement. So overall, the rating of the ingredients will be 6/10.

Blend of product ingredients

There is a saying that“too much of anything is poison”. In other words, the blend should have balance in it. The concentration of the products should not affect the person in a negative way.

However, in this product, we did not notice any information about the concentration of different ingredients. If there is no info, then it is difficult to check the effectiveness of the product before using it. You have to buy it, use it and see the changes to remark on the blend. However, this is not a good practice. That is why the rating is impossible to assign.


Price: $70

Many times, people do a workout in sessions. Mostly, there will be two sessions. The general format is morning and evening sessions. So many people consider two pre-workout supplement therapy as the best option for their body as it will not have a negative effect. As far as this product is considered, it is better to take one dose a day.

There are 30 servings per container, and sell for a hell-raising 70 US Dollars. That, is fucking insane for a product. It’s true that this supplement includes a lot of ingredients. However, most of them are useless and under-dosed.

Side Effects of PMD ACG3 SUPER

Different products have different ingredients with some negative effects. The PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged too, has such contents in it. Mainly there are two ingredients. They are Beta Alanine and the Synephrine. The product includes some safety issues with the product. Even though the effect is minimal to no. Still, it may have side effects on your body.

PMD ACG3 SUPER Review Results and Expected Effects

The product is definitely not bad. However, it is not good either. The PMD ACG3 SUPER Charged supplement chart provides details on energy, fat and other nutritional info but does not provide anything on concentration. Overall, the product is ok. However, there are other healthier and stronger brands to consider.

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The PMD ACG3 Super-Charged Pre Workout supplement is an adequate supplement, able to provide a certain level of effectiveness. However, the expensive price, under-dosed ingredients, and potential side-effects far outweighs those benefits.

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