PhD VMX2 Pre Workout Review

This PhD VMX2 Pre Workout Review will give you a very well-thought out analysis on a product produced by PhD. The company is based in the United Kingdom and has received great ratings for their products, mainly because of their use of hellishly good formulas that are made up of natural ingredients.

They promise a level of effectiveness that you can see in a matter of days, with all-natural ingredients that keep your body both safe and happy.

Of course, plenty supplements promise the exact same thing. Some supplements are like false-prophets, they promise everything from the moon to the stars. However, when it comes to actually getting the things that you need…

Somehow they always fall short. Is the PhD VMX2 Pre Workout one of these false-prophets? Well, that’s the question that we’re hoping to answer for you today.

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How does the PhD VMX2 Pre Workout works

The PhD Nutrition company created this pre-workout and advertised it by providing it to professionals to decide whether it works or not. The main opinion moved around the claims that the supplement provides more focus, power, and intensity in the workout.

Because of its ingredients, those who are trying to lift heavy weights have been said to gain more power and become more successful. Now, let’s talk about the formulation of said ingredients. Well, we’re happy to report that this Pre Workout is proprietary blend free

Proprietary blends are the bane of our existence. It’s something that we would prefer not to see attached to any nutritional label. It’s a mortal sin, narrowly avoided by the PhD VMX2.

The Ingredients of the PhD VMX2 Pre Workout

Assault Labs Sergeant Steel Ingredients


The ultimate energy booster. You will feel like a demonic beast using this ingredient. Enough to improve on your lifting and endurance. You will put more weight and do more sets, while shocking and pumping your muscles.

You have 225mg. per serving of this ingredient which is just enough for any type of body.

Creapure Creatine Monohydrate

Aside from the energy that you will get from the Creatine and Caffeine, you will receive a massive growth in your muscles. More strength and endurance that will make you lift like crazy. Get those boulders that are solid as rock and arms strong like any super-human.


This substance will increase the aerobic and anaerobic capacity of your body and will increase your performance. This works well for any athlete that wants to improve his overall performance.


This ingredient will give you higher endurance during the high-performance exercising. It also helps with muscle recovery which will result in a more frequent workout. By consuming the PhD VMX2 pre-workout, you don’t have to miss a day because of sore muscles.

How to get the PhD VMX2 Pre Workout

If you are ready to meet the devil and go through hell at the gym in order to get the shredded body, then you should get a hellish pre-workout that will make you go mad. Lift, run or CrossFit like never before and get fascinating results. If you think the PhD VMX2 is the one for you…

You can buy this product at the official PhD Nutrition website. You don’t even have to empty your pockets that much because you can get it for only 14.99 pounds. It comes as а 400 grams package and you have 40 servings which can last up to two months. Consume it by mixing 10 grams serving with 300 ml of water.

Side Effects of the PhD VMX2 Pre Workout

There are no serious risks from consuming this pre-workout if you take it regularly and once a day. Also, try and take it after a meal and 30 minutes before your workout. Don’t drink it before bedtime because the caffeine and creatine can play with your sleeping habits. Don’t overreact and you will only get positive results.

PhD VMX2 Pre Workout Review Results and Expected Effects

This is one of those supplements that definitely shows promise from the get go. Remember, earlier we were very much-fucking-relived, to know that there were no proprietary blends inside of this formula. That meant, that we would be able to provide an honest review based on the effectiveness of each ingredient.

The thing is, well, that’s a lengthy list of ingredients. Usually, odd as it may sound, more ingredients is a bad thing. We here at supplement devil pride quality over quantity. Always. Having that many ingredients all at once is just asking for trouble.

And what do you know? We were right. A lot of the ingredients are under dosed. There’s just not enough inside of there to work. Fortunately, some of the ingredients they chose were effective. However, it could have done away with the useless ones.

The PhD VMX2 Pre Workout should provide a level of effectiveness, mild at best. The only reason we would recommend this is because of the price. Even so, there are definitely better supplements out there.Supplements that can actually get you to where you need to go. Not just nudge you along the way.

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PhD VMX2 Pre Workout Review

The PhD VMX2 Pre Workout is a supplement that should be able to provide a certain level of effectiveness. However, despite its cheap price, a lot of the ingredients are under-dosed and might not be as effective as they could be.

  • PhD VMX2 Pre Workout Review

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