PEScience Prolific Review

Today we’ll be putting the PEScience Prolific through our hellish Analysis.

When you go into a gym, you will see a wide variety of supplements. Some of them are pills, powders, capsules, injections, a pre-workout supplement, post-workout supplements, energy bars, weight loss, etc. However, selecting a product, which is good in all the regions with the right pricing, is hard to find.

PEScience is a United States based company with a wide range of health products and supplements. We tried to find all the information related to the company and there was not much. We found different products listed with some mixed reviews.

There is information on the ISO certifications, medical recognition or any awards. The only thing we can see that the company has its own website with a contact number for reference. They have different health and food products. Such as protein, amino acids, a pre-workout supplement, weight cutting product, clothes, accessories, and health and wellness products. Apart from that, nothing. The reputation of the company is unknown. 

Our starting trek isn’t looking too hot. However, that won’t stop us from putting this supplement through the wringer. We’re going to find out all the possible sins PEScience could have committed and see whether or not we’re going to be tossing this one out into the pits.

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How does the PEScience Prolific work?

We have already seen that the product claims to help the bodybuilders. To help bodybuilding, it should have effective ingredients. The product has a couple of qualified and effective ingredients in it. Of course, whether or not these ingredients will be enough is another question altogether. 

Are the concentrations and the blend of these ingredients within the limit or not? First thing of note is the fact that there are no proprietary blends in this entire formula. 

That means, that PEScience is not fond of shitty tactics. That’s good, we can respect that. Hopefully, this kind of thinking will translate into the ingredients themselves.

We’re going to be looking at each ingredient, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

The PEScience Prolific better pray to God and hope that it can scrounge up some kind of miracle because we’re not here to play.

PEScience Prolific Ingredients

PEScience Prolific Review Ingredients


L-Citrulline is the most widely used ingredient in the pre-workout supplement. This ingredient is necessary for strength, muscle pump and reducing the high level of fatigue.


Betaine Anhydrous concentration is somewhat new to supplement products. It offers benefits for your liver, quick burst workout programs and stress relief.


Taurine is another name for energy. Most of the energy drinks contain Taurine as it expands the muscle and cell relaxation.


Citicoline is important for a healthy nervous system. It stops fat secretion in cells to provide lean body.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a fat burning agent, neurological mechanism corrector, stress buster and muscle stimulator.

Buy PEScience Prolific

The product comes in different servings. You can even choose single serving sachets as well. For 20 servings of the product, it costs around $31.99. This is tad high considering everything. However, the product contains 6 grams of L-Citrulline in every two scoops. This is good if you consider other product in the similar range. Still, the cost of the product is high.

Side Effects of PEScience Prolific

If you look at the Caffeine level in the product it is at 320mg. This is high considering the right level of Caffeine is 150mg to 200mg. You may feel Jitters and body crashing because of the Caffeine level.

We’re kind of upset about this fact. Because whilst this much caffeine is certain to provide an energy boost that will carry out through your workout. It will also have you feeling exhausted and depleted of all possible energy.

It’s a bit of a shame that the science emulated other Pre Workouts and made a supplement that will jack you up on jitters.

PEScience Prolific Review Results and Expected Effects

The cost of the product is not too high. The PEScience has all the good ingredients in it except some ingredients like L-Arginine and L-Histidine. However, the present ingredients are good enough to provide proper output. 

Saying that. It’s still pretty shitty. Once you’ve seen a true miracle-worker work its magic. It’s kind of hard to accept small-fry-demons like this.

The PEScience Prolific should provide some benefits, but not enough to get you burning hellfire inside of the gym.

If you want a Pre Workout Supplement that will work for you, then we suggest to chuck the PEScience Prolific right into a pit- burn it for good measure, and check out our Top 5 Pre Workout Reviews instead.

This should give you an idea of what you’re actually looking for. You need a beast, one that rivals the devil and will cut up your figure in all the best ways.

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PEScience Prolific Review

The PEScience Prolific should offer mild benefits. However, not enough for it to be the top of the top, there are definitely better supplements out there.

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