ONNIT Total Strength and Performance Review

Our Onnit Total Strength and Performance Review, will be looking into a product produced by ONNIT. ONNIT is a fitness company, which stands out from the others. It produces workout equipment such as maces and Kettlebells among others.

The supplements that this company produces are known for deliberately avoiding the use of artificial ingredients. Some of the popular supplements of this company are Shroom Tech and Alpha Brain.  

Total Strength and Performance is made with natural ingredients. Your body will therefore benefit from nutrients sourced from food. The formula of this supplement allows for a more holistic and natural approach to enhancing athletic performance and a natural way to boost your strength and power.

The benefit of using earth grown nutrients in dietary supplements is that they are sustainable and their effects are longer lasting than those of chemical based or synthetic performance supplements or strength enhancers.

This supplement shows a lot of promise thus far. However, we’ve run into a lot of shit supplements from perfectly good companies before. So be on guard, this might just be a pesky demon disguised as a sheep.

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How does Onnit Total Strength and Performance work?

In order to keep your body healthy, fit and be able to build optimal athletic performance, you need to work out regularly. You need power, strength and muscular ability to recover quickly from injuries and strain.

In order to assist men to meet the strenuous demands of working out, the ONNIT fitness company produced a proprietary pre workout formula that is stimulant free. This product is designed to assist users to build up strength and power, maintain balanced testosterone levels and quicken muscle recovery to ensure optimal athletic performance.

ONNIT appears to be aiming to increase estrogen and testosterone levels. However, it is worth it to point out that some of the ingredients do not have much proof supporting their effects.  The main ingredients that have the most evidence behind them are beta alanine, branched chain amino acids, luteolin and longjack.

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Ingredients

ONNIT Total Strength and Performance Ingredients


This supplement contains beta alanine, which is one of the non essential amino acids that help keep the blood alkaline. This non essential amino acid helps to increase the capacity of muscle to contract and minimize the risk of muscular injuries when one is engaging in strenuous workout routines. Protein rich foods like fish and meat also contain beta alaine.


Luteonlin is an ingredient is naturally present in several herbs like peppermint and oregano. It is a bioflavonoid, which has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Luteonlin has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments. It also helps in facilitating optimal production of testosterone to enhance athletic performance.  

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is a seed extract that facilitates the increased production of testosterone.

Nettle Root Extract

Total Strength and Performance  also contains the Nettle root extract, which is rich in fiber and promotes faster recovery of muscles.

Red Clover Extract

The other ingredient in the supplement is red clover extract, which facilitates the balanced production of hormones.


L-Glutamine is also included in this supplement. It helps improve the recovery process after a workout and boosts the immune system.

Aspartic Acid

The Total Strength and Performance supplement also contains Aspartic Acid, which has magnesium. Maganisius is important for it enhances the development of muscular contractility.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS)

The branched chain amino acids are also linked with focus and muscle protein synthesis.


Longjack is usually utilized as a fertility supplement However, it could be anti-estrogenic, meaning that it can maintain the right balance of estrogen and testosterone. Longjack could also improve mood and reduce cortisol.

Buy Onnit Total Strength and Performance

Price: $51

The ONNIT Total Strength and Performance supplement is meant to be taken at least two scoops per, not a bad deal. However, the supplement itself is actually quite expensive, double the amount that most Pre Workout supplements go for. It costs around 51 US Dollars per month’s worth.

Side Effects of Onnit Total Strength and Performance

This supplement is safe to use in athletic competitions because it contains earth grown ingredients and lacks chemical compounds. It has been tested on professional bodybuilders and the athletes who use it have not experienced any negative effects.

However, the Beta-Alanine inside of it is liable to cause a mild-paresthesia. The sensation is often describe as annoyingly tingly or itchy. As if you had dove straight into a bug-swarmed hell pit.

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Review Results and Expected Effects

ONNIT Total Strength and Performance can meet your needs if you are searching for a natural supplement, which can help increase your power, improve strength and optimize your performance without affecting the inherent biological systems of your body.

However, we’re not gonna lie. There are definitely better ones out there. It is pretty decent. There were some good ingredient choices on their part, but it is lacking a couple of other things that other supplements easily make up for.

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ONNIT Total Strength and Performance Review

The ONNIT Total Strength and Performance is an okay supplement. It is definitely not the best, but it is not the worst either.

  • ONNIT Total Strength and Performance Review

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