Juggernaut Pre Workout Review

Present E-commerce and retail markets are flooded with a lot of workout supplements. However, not every one of them is good in quality. In our Juggernaut Pre Workout Review, we will be analyzing the hell out of a Pre Workout supplement that was manufactured by the Infinite Labs company.

Pre-workout supplements are meant to help you balance your body weight, gain strength, endurance, and stamina. In this race to achieve an excellent physique, people are trying different types of products.

The infinite lab is also in the race with a range of different products. This article will focus on Infinite lab’s pre-workout supplement called the Juggernaut. We will review it by checking everything from company reputation to the overall performance of the product.

The infinite lab has a wide variety of products for mass loss and mass gain, weight loss, fat burner supplements and pre workout supplements. The company has been supplying health supplement products since 2009. IT has a well-established customer base and is well-reviewed.

However, whether or not the Juggernaut will deserve to be in our devilish recommendations will solely depend on the product itself.

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How does the Juggernaut Pre Workout work?

Infinite lab’s Juggernaut Pre Workout comes with a container, that holds approximately 21 servings. The company listed the product in two flavors. One flavor is ultimate punch and another flavor is orange sorbet. Orange Sorbet has better fragrance and ultimate punch has better taste. The taste preference changes from person to person.

Every product has to make claims to attract people into buying the product. It also helps in understanding the objectivity of the product. This product claims to provide strength, stamina, muscles pump and endurance. These are four ideal claims for a pre-workout supplement product.

However, claims completely aside, let’s get down to sniffing out the possible sins that Infinite Labs might have committed.

First step is to check all of its ingredients. We’ll be analyzing whether said ingredients are enough to fulfill all the claims made by the company and the product. The Juggernaut Pre Workout has a long list of different ingredients.

Many companies do not provide information on ingredient composition. It is because they do not want to give details of their formula and secret benefits. However, this kind of practice should be avoided. Fortunately, infinite labs provided details on the composition of all the different ingredients used in the pre-workout supplement.

Juggernaut Pre Workout Ingredients

Juggernaut Pre Workout Ingredients


Agmatine provides positive benefits for both physical and mental endurance and stability.


This is a good Pre Workout ingredient, especially when it comes to energy. Caffeine is a stimulant that provides clean energy that should help you power through your workouts. It does come with some side-effects (if taken in large doses.)

Carnosyn Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine s amino acid, which generates carnosine compound in muscle for endurance boost. Extremely helpful during intense workout sessions, sprinting and swimming. However, it does come with some side-effects (mentioned later.)


Citrulline increases the nitric oxide as well as the L-Arginine level in the body. This result in strength, longevity, blood flow and high level cardiovascular activities.

Creapure Creatine

Is a performance enhancer and muscle builder.


Is a great supplement to increase physical performance along with the hormone generation.

Malic Acid

This fights the fatigue in a very effective way. It also increases the endurance level.

Vitamin C

This meant to balance body fluids and eliminates negative effects on testosterone level.

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Buy Juggernaut Pre Workout

The Juggernaut Pre Workout sells for around $35.99. The price may look higher than the other products. It also only offers 21 servings per container. If you consider the serving then it is really costly. Most supplements come with at least 30 servings.

Side Effects of Juggernaut Pre Workout

There are a couple of things in the Juggernaut Pre Workout that are cause for some concern.

  • Juggernaut pre-workout supplement contains a high level of Caffeine in it. The actual level should be between 150mg to 200mg.  As the product has 350mg of Caffeine, it will lead to Jitters and energy crashes.
  • The Beta Alanine included in the formula will also definitely lead to Paresthesia, which is a tingly/itchy feeling of the skin.

Juggernaut Pre Workout Review Results and Expected Effects

It’s not horrible, but it’s not good. That’s our best description of the Juggernaut Pre Workout. It does use a couple ingredients that should provide some benefits. The product is also proprietary blend free, so that’s another plus.

However, some of the ingredients are not that beneficial (are not scientifically proven to work) and others are a bit too highly dosed (caffeine.)

The formula could do with some minor editing. The amount of servings per container is also lacking, making it a lot more expensive (despite the initially cheap price.)

We can definitely say that there are better Pre Workout supplements out there, and the Juggernaut Pre Workout is heading straight for the pits.

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Juggernaut Pre Workout Review

The Juggernaut Pre Workout should provide mild benefits. However, it is lacking in certain Pre Workout ingredients and might result in negative side-effects.

  • Juggernaut Pre Workout Review

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