Granite Supplements Hystim Review

Hystim is one of the latest pre workouts from Granite Supplements we’ve got for review. After a full new group of supplements, including a new fairly average fat burner,Granite have overhauled all their product. But will this also upgrade their performance?  This Granite Supplements Hystim Review will put this pre workout through hell.

A good pre workout should provide a balance of energy, focus, pump and strength. By utilising scientifically proven ingredients at the right dose, a solid pre workout can make the difference between a limp half assed session, and one packed with PR’s and long intense exercise.

More often than not, loads of pre workouts are stuffed with under researched and ineffective ingredients. Just to make the labels look bigger and more confusing.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from taking Hystim before kicking off with training.

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Granite Supplements Hystim First Impressions

The solid black and grey branding of this product are certainly a step up when compared with Granite Supplements previous products. It looks and feel more focused this time around.

But as you probably know, this isn’t about the look. Sure this’ll look cool in your stack, but is it actually going to perform?

Looking at the blend it’s pretty dialed in. More so than you’d expect. But this doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad product though. You get a standard 30 servings in the tub.  With a total of 5 amino acids and natural ingredients in the blend.

What to Expect from Granite Supplements Hystim

Hystim is a pre workout with a fairly small blend. Whilst this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, Granite Supplements latest pre workout doesn’t offer much beyond energy and a bit of endurance increases.

One thing you should be aware of is the high dose of Beta Alanine causing parathesia.

You should get some good increases in energy and a bit of focus, but there isn’t a whole lot here that will deliver increased blood flow and pumps.

We’re not overly impressed by the initial effects. But let’s break down the individual ingredients anyway.

Granite Supplements Hystim Ingredients

This is a smaller pre workout blend. It focuses on energy and, well, focus. There is some benefit to the beta alanine, but for us, the negatives of this ingredient fat outweigh the benefits. Which could be a little frustrating for some people.

You would be able to double scoop Granite Supplements Hystim without any major issues though. Just prepare for a whole lot of caffeine.

Granite Supplements Hystim Ingredients

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine does have performance benefits. This is an amino acid that’s widely used in pre workouts and can help muscular edurance. But, and it’s a bit scratchy and distracting but, this ingredient also causes parathesia. The annoying side effect that’ll have you itching your skin to pieces.


An essential pre workout ingredient. Caffeine is a great source of energy, boosts your metabolism and can also improve neuromuscular function. The dose is quite high in Granite Hystim so could cause unwanted effects, especially if you are sensitive or double scoop.

N-Phenethyldimethylamine Citrate

This is where this pre workout loses our interest a little bit. This ingredient, too long to write out again, is similar to Ephedrine, DMAA and AMP-Citrate. This makes it very high risk and leaves competitive athletes open to fail drugs tests too.

Probably not worth the risk when you are already combining it with 350mg of caffeine per serving.


A clean stimulant that can help take the edge off the effects of other stimulants too. Theacrine can have a slightly calming effect without putting you to sleep making it a good addition to a pre workout.


This is found in chocolate. It’s a bitter alkaloid that is partly a stimulant and also also increase blood flow. Theobromine is overshadowed in this pre workout by the theacrine and other stimulants.


Can improve cognitive function and focus. However for best results this ingredient may actually need to be cycled.

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Granite Supplements Hystim Dose

You can take a single scoop of Granite Supplements Hystim and get enough stimulants to power through a session. Double scooping might be a little risky, due to the N-Phenethyldimethylamine Citrate.

Other ingredients are perfectly safe to be taken as double amounts.

In terms of overall dose, everything in Granite Supplements pre workout has been a little overshadowed by the sheer volume of stimulants.

Granite Supplements Hystim Side Effects

Here’s where this pre workout get’s annoying.

Beta Alanine is all but guaranteed to cause unwanted side effects and make you feel like you need to tear your skin off. Coupled with the fact you may end up absolutely wired from the stimulants and this could cause a bad pre workout experience despite first impressions.

Potential Granite Supplements Hystim Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Skin Itching (Parathesia)

Buy Granite Supplements Hystim

You can buy Granite Supplements Hystim direct from the website.

It’s fairly pricey for the amount of ingredients you get and the fact that you do have an extremely high chance of side effects. Whilst missing out on muscle pumps.

We appreciate this is a high stimulant pre workout, but Granite Supplements could have worked in some other performance enhancers too.

Granite Supplements Hystim Review Results and Expected Effects

This pre workout is extremely high in stimulants. Which isn’t a fucking surprise.

But when we say HIGH, we mean VERY HIGH. To the point that most people will find this an a bit overbearing.

Coupled with the fact that the beta alanine will have you clawing at your own skin and you are in for a bit of a rough ride with this product. It’s a shame because it’s close to being a contender for our top pre workout.

But it just needs a couple of ingredients swapping out before it’s worth your money.

Is There Anything Better than Granite Supplements Hystim

Yes, is the short answer.

In terms of products we’d recommend we’d have to say 4 Gauge. What 4 Gauge does is balance stims with key amino acids. Delivering not just energy and no side effects, but performance increases and absolutely mental muscle pumps.

If you want to see where 4 Gauge sits in our top pre workouts you can check them out here.

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Granite Supplements Hystim Review

This high stim pre workout is a bit ridiculous and goes overboard with stimulants rather than focusing on improving performance.

  • Granite Supplements Hystim Review

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