Force Factor Volcano Pre Workout Review

Our Force Factor Volcano Review will be analyzing the hell out of a Pre Workout supplement. It’s been popularized in recent times, and we’re here to tell you whether or not it’s worth the investment or just another shitty supplement product.

When you think of buying a Pre Workout supplement, you think of effectiveness, cost and the reviews. Force Factor has released many different products under different names. Generally, these are priced at a higher level.

Force Factor has been selling its supplements from the year 2009. Within one year, the company rose to a new level. It also received GNC’s Rising Star award. The company has many different products ranging from weight loss to pre-workout supplements.

Within pre-workout supplement category, there are different products. They had a big success with products like Form Factor one and Form Factor two. This review will help you to understand different pros, cons, and side effects of the product. 

Is it any good? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

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How does the Force Factor Volcano work?

Force Factor Volcano is another Pre Workout supplement that makes use of Nitric Oxide boosters. The name clearly indicates its purpose. The product claims to promote muscles, increases strength, and supports endurance and boost vascularity

The product has a blend of stimulants and the strength boosting ingredients. However, it is difficult to know the balance between them as the product does not have detailed information about the concentration of all these ingredients.

We do know the overall dosage, but that won’t help us in determining whether or not any of these ingredients will work.

The Force Factor Volcano really fucked on this one. They’re going to have to make some magic because this sin is bound to get it dragged into hell.

Force Factor Volcano Ingredients

Force Factor Volcano Review Ingredients


This is the ingredient, which is responsible for the generation of Nitric Oxide in the body. It helps ease the flow of blood inside of the body. That means that all your muscles will be getting the oxygen and nutrients that it needs in order to function properly. 

Agmapure Agmatine Sulphate

This is a substance created by Arginine’s metabolic reaction. This also generates nitric oxide. It assists L-Citrulline to generate nitric oxide. This provides high level of muscle pumping and stability to the muscle growth.

It should be noted that this ingredient has proven ineffective. Research has not been very promising and has lead to nowhere.


This ingredient assists the above ingredients to maintain the level of Arginine in the body. It is helpful in erectile dysfunction and body movement with proper blood flow cycles.


Creatine is one of the most important ingredients in the bodybuilding process. Almost all of the pre-workout supplement products consists of Creatine in them. The ingredient increases durability and the strength and helps in increasing the level of Testosterone.

L-Glycine and the L-Methionine

Both of these ingredients are helpful in providing long-lasting stability and strength. These are amino acids, which promotes your muscle building process.  This product consists of many good ingredients in it. 

Buy Force Factor Volcano

The product costs only $29.09. Therefore, it is not costly. Considering the ingredients and 120 capsules, it is a good deal. The product has 120 capsules in it. It is better to take two capsules before 30 minutes into the workout and two capsules with your breakfast.

In total, one container should last you for at least a month.

Side Effects of Force Factor Volcano

There no harsh stimulants inside of the Force Factor Volcano that could lead to any issues. Most of the ingredients have been checked out, and there are no reports of any obvious side-effects.

Does that mean we’re clear? For the most part, yes. As of now, this (and the price) are the Pre Workout’s only saving grace.

Force Factor Volcano Review Results and Expected Effects

Don’t get me wrong. There are some ingredients inside fo the Force Factor Volcano formula that are promising. We have Creatine and L-Citrulline, both of which are very good Pre Workout ingredients. However, the supplement uses ingredients like Agmatine- which has not proven to be very effective. 

Not only that, but the Force Factor Volcano committed one of the biggest sins that a supplement could make. It hid all of its ingredients inside of proprietary blends. These are what kept us from knowing whether or not the ingredients are effective.

The overall dosage is pretty small, so we can expect that there might not be enough of some ingredients.

If you’re looking for a Pre Workout supplement that will work for you. We would suggest you stop looking at small-fries like this.

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Force Factor Volcano Review

The effects the Force Factor Volcano can offer are mild (at most!) All the ingredients are inside of a proprietary blend, so we cannot determine its true level of effectiveness.

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