Force Factor Fuego Review

Our Force Factor Fuego Review will be putting a Pre Workout supplement through our hellish analysis. First of all, the company that manufactures this product is called Force Factor.

They are a fairly new company, one that was established less than 10 years ago. To give the supplement some credit, this is a company that received its fair share of attention from the public. They do have an official website up that is used to market their products.

Are they trustworthy? Well, just about. There’s nothing that screams suspicious, and they have released other products before.

The purpose of this article is to provide a clear-cut answer. Is this product worth your time and money? Or is it just another supplement that deserves to be thrown into the pits of hell? Well, read on to find out more.

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How does the Force Factor Fuego work?

The company aside, the branding looks pretty good. Not only that, but it comes with a wide array of different flavors to choose from. Although, in all honesty, the flavor doesn’t really matter as much as the actual effectiveness of the ingredients.

There’s a lot of ingredients in here. Some that we like to see, others that we don’t. So our first look is not as promising as we’d like it to be. However, we’re not stopping just yet. The Force Factor Fuego did a couple of things right.

For example, they avoided putting all of their ingredients in a proprietary blend. That’s something that we like to see in the supplements that we analyze. In fact, we consider these blends quite sinful as many supplement companies use them to hide the true effectiveness of their ingredients.

There is a blend here, but luckily, it doesn’t take up the entire formula.

Still, blend or not, if their formula is shit- then it’s shit. You can trust us to provide an honest review of the truth. We’re not about to let these demonic companies cheat our readers of their hard-earned cash.

Let’s get to it then. What exactly, is inside of this supplements?

Force Factor Fuego Ingredients

Force Factor Fuego Review Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is one of our favorite Pre Workout ingredients, it’s something that we like to see, although some might prefer their supplements free from stimulants. Caffeine is a stimulant that provides a temporary energy boost, as well as some Fat Burning effects (1).


This is a mushroom that was popularized in China. It’s traditional medicine, one that is suspected of providing multiple benefits. Cordyceps has been suspected of being able to enhance the quality of one’s workouts (2). However, these benefits have not been proven in humans.

King Trumpet

Again, this is an ingredient that has shown some promise in subjects that are not human (3). However, we can’t confirm its effectiveness until more research has been done. It’s also better known as a testosterone booster.

Toothed Clubmoss

This is an herb that is known for its nootropic benefits. It’s most commonly called Huperzine A.


Another popular Asian mushroom, one that is suspected of helping with Fat Burn. Research on its level of effectiveness is inconclusive.

Other Ingredients

There are other mushrooms in this formula. For the most part, most of these ingredients are not known Pre Workout ingredients.

Buy Force Factor Fuego

The product is available in a variety of online markets. Each container costs 34.99 US Dollars and carries up to 20 servings. That’s a little bit more expensive than the average, especially when you consider the kind of ingredients used.

Side Effects of Force Factor Fuego

There aren’t many ingredients here that call for an immediate red flag. For the most part, these ingredients are safe to consume. However, there has been reports of side-effects, and we’ve figured out the likely cause of these side-effects to be:

  • Caffeine can cause energy crashes and jitters when taken in large amounts.
  • Huperzine A might cause nausea or an upset stomach.

Force Factor Fuego Review Results and Expected Effects

The Force Factor Fuego is an okay supplement at most. Even then, that’s saying a lot for something that probably won’t be able to help you in a significant way.

The only things here that might prove beneficial are the Caffeine and the Huperzine A. Shockingly enough, those are the two ingredients that are suspected of causing side-effects.

Ultimately, the Force Factor Fuego had not committed any grave sins. It managed to steer clear of the more obvious mistakes that most supplement companies make. However, the branding of the product completely aside–

The only fun you’re like to get out of this supplement is the satisfaction of throwing it into a river of fire. A Pre Workout should help you burn hellfire in the gym, not spark up a minuscule flame that is just as likely to burn you out.

If you’re looking for a proper Pre Workout supplement, then we recommend having a look at our Top 5 Pre Workout Review.

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Force Factor Fuego Review

The Force Factor Fuego is mild at best. The effects of this supplement is insignificant, it uses too many unproven ingredients.

  • Force Factor Fuego Review

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