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The food and drug administration are in charge of keeping you safe from harmful foods and substances for consumption. So it’d make sense that, they also regulate natural vitamins and supplements right? Looking for an fda approved pre workout can be tough. As frankly, there isn’t fucking any. Which is a problem.

What’s the solution?

The solution for those looking to have a complete safe and side effect free pre workout is to check the ingredients list against FDA approved foods and substances. So, while the pre workout isn’t approved by the food and drug administration, you know everything that’s in it is.

Tackling the list of ingredients that may or not be harmful or approved in pre workouts is another ball game though. And it takes a serious bit of time and research.

Luckily, here in hell, the Devil has lots of spare time. So we’ve pulled together the safest and best pre workout ingredients that’ll ensure you avoid side effects.

FDA Safe Pre Workout Ingredients

So like we mentioned, to really find an FDA approved pre workout we need to take a look at each ingredient that goes into a product.

Generally, pre workouts contain a mass of ingredients, however in the interests of choosing a safe option, without any side effects you should be looking for something that has focused and proven lists.

Not only do you want a pre workout that’s got ingredients approved by the food and drug administration, you also need it to be supported by scientific studies.

Pre workout green tea

Scientific Studies on pre workouts

FDA approval doesn’t always mean an ingredient will work in the way you want it to work. As different ingredients have different effects.

It’s important the to choose ingredients in your pre workout that are also backed by scientific studies. Proving their usefulness as a pre workout supplement.

For this reason it’s important to check scientific reference sites and also crawl through scientific journals. Just to triple check your pre workout is actually going to do something and not just make you sick.

Important Effects of a Pre Workout

When you buy any pre workout, not just one that’d be FDA approved, you need to be thinking about the effects. The best pre workouts offer a good balanced blend comprised of natural ingredients. You also want to make sure there isn’t a proprietary blend in the product. So you can see each of the ingredients on the label.

Essential pre workout effects:

  • Muscle pumps (nitric oxide delivery)
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Improved neuromuscular stamina

There are plenty of ingredients out there that can deliver these effects. But the sad fact is that lots you’ll find at the GNC will contain risky ingredients at dodgy doses. The effects these can cause can be quite negative.

The best pre workouts ingredients we have found that have been checked by the Food and Drug Administration are below. We’ve also included links to the relevant pages.


FDAScientific Study

Provides you with a muscle pump by increasing levels of nitric oxide in your blood. The increase in blood flowing to your muscles increases performance and endurance.


FDA / Scientific Study

One of the most heavily researched supplements. Caffeine, generally found in anhydrous form, provides a clean source of energy. It’s an essential base for a natural and FDA approved pre workout.


FDA / Scientific Study

This is an amino acid that helps with mental focus and is being studied for it’s effects as an anti depressant. It works well in a pre workout as it helps keep the stimulant effects of the caffeine on a safe and managable level. Allowing you to purely focus on the workout

Red Beet Extract

FDA / Scientific Study

Another well researched and natural source of nitric oxide. While it’s not been approved by the FDA as a pre workout ingredient, it has been deemed safe as a food source.

Coconut Water Extract

FDA / Scientific Study

Increases the number of electrolytes in your blood. Improving athletic performance and overall health. This is a great base for any natural and side effect free pre workout.


This is an amino acid that’s present in a range of foods. It helps improve energy metabolism whilst also aiding the repair of damaged muscles.

FDA / Scientific Study

Now, if you combine the correct doses of the above ingredients, you end up with the pre workout we are recommending. Each ingredient is completely safe so you can safely supplement as a professional athlete, even if you are tested for competition.

Safest Athlete Approved Pre Workout Supplement:

1. Performance Lab Pre Workout

A One of a Kind Pre Workout Fit for 2020

Performance Lab Pre Workout Review

An extremely well balanced and well formulated product designed to maximise athletic performance and help you smash your goals faster than every. OTT?

When you see the ingredients in this product, you’ll understand what we mean.

Performance Lab Pre is the perfect pre workout for anyone who is looking for:

  • A highly effective pre workout
  • Ingredients grounded in science
  • Good value and a trusted brand
  • A professional level product

-Visit Performance Lab Website-

Sort of FDA Approved Pre Workout : 4 Gauge


We’ve covered a list of proven pre workouts ingredients that are all scientifically backed. The one pre workout that covers all these bases with each ingredient while completely avoiding a proprietary blend is 4 Gauge.

4 Gauge offers a clean source of energy, good muscle pumps and one hell of an endurance boost.

Whilst it’s not an FDA approved product in itself, it’s combination of completely natural ingredients and fully disclosed dosages are as good as.

Why 4 Gauge is a safe and trusted pre workout:

  • Each ingredient is backed by multiple scientific studies
  • All ingredients are from natural sources
  • Manufactured in cGMP approved facilities in the USA
  • Fully disclosed ingredients list
  • Order direct only. No counterfeits.

-See the Safest Most Effective Pre Workout-

Finding an FDA Approved Pre Workout

Like we’ve mentioned above, the FDA don’t deal with supplements. So, you’re kind of on your own and the market can be pretty risky. If you’re not interested in the supplement we’ve recommended above (why the hell not?!) then you can spend time researching each ingredient in a pre workout to see if they’ve been approved.

Like we said though, as well as FDA approval, these supplements need to be backed by scientific studies to actually prove they work.

The Food and Drug Authority have documents spread all over the internet, so be prepared to dig. And most of all, best of luck!

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