Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout Review

It’s instinctive, wanting to look your best is an evolution factor that is meant to help you procreate and blah blah. Our Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout Review will be going through a supplement that is meant to help ease the progression of your workouts, by providing the nutrients and vitamins you need in order to gain muscle and lose weight. Andrenolyn Cuts, and is produced by a company called Black Market. The company has been around for a while now, almost a decade old, since they had established themselves around 2009. Their brand is definitely not the eldest, and it maintains a modern look that rivals even the newest of brands They’re definitely eye-catching, enough to catch even the devil’s interests. However, can the same interest be expected from what is inside their product? Or is it just another bust leading to a dead-end in hell? Well, that is what we’re going to be answering for you today.

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How does Blackmarket Cuts work?

Let’s get straight to the point here. Blackmarket Cuts includes a mixture of ingredients that most would refer to as a proprietary blends. Now, if you aren’t already aware. We here are Supplement Devil sniff out supplements like hell hounds, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to hide. We’ll find it somehow. The most obvious way companies would hide their shame is through sneaky shit tactics like proprietary blends. When mixed in a blend like this, it becomes very difficult to analyze the individual ingredients for their own virtues. They make up for the shitty choice by keeping an ingredient out of the blend, but that doesn’t necessarily make up for it.

Blackmarket Cuts Ingredients

Blackmarket Cuts


The first ingredient mentioned in the label is Beta-Alanine, which is a compound that provides a buffer when it comes to helping build lean muscle mass as well as keeping you working out for longer periods at a time. It should be noted that large doses of beta-alanine has proven to cause mild-paresthesia. It is harmless, but many people would prefer not to feel all tingly when working out. Research has allowed us to conclude an effective standard those of around 2-5 grams, with the paresthesia coming into picture at around 0.8 – 1 grams throughout the day.


L-Carnitine is a good idea on their part, as it is a key ingredient in most supplements. It is particularly good at keeping you working out for longer periods at a time- by helping you get over muscular fatigue.

Agmatine Sulfate

This is an ingredient that is meant to help the quality of your pumps by getting your muscles the oxygen and the nutrients it needs. However, no research has shown any sort of effectiveness- even in high doses. This only goes to show Agmatine’s poor absorption rate- disallowing it from actually being used as it should be.

Caffeine Anhydrous

If there is one thing that you can be certain of. It is the fact that Caffeine Anhydrous is the best stimulant out there. Caffeine is used in many supplements, including our dear ol’ Blackmarket Cuts. It even has it in the proper dose, with 300 milligrams per serving. Which is enough to provide energy, but shouldn’t be so overwhelming that it will cause long-time users to be all twitchy.

Choline Bitartrate

I don’t want to spend too much time on this ingredient, and the fact that it is in the Blackmarket Cuts pisses me of just a bit. It’s not proven to have any significant effects, and worst of all it can cause a fish-like-stink in your breath and your sweat. An overall shitty ingredient.

Raspberry Ketones

Another useless shitty ingredient. It was made popular quite recently, especially in the media. However, despite whatever miracle-like promises this was meant to give, nothing can be proven to show that it’s spot on the Blackmarket Cuts solution is not worthless.

Mucuna Pruriens

Although this is a popular ingredient in a lot of t-boosters. It’s not really going to be any use in this Pre Workout supplement, as it cannot be absorbed fast enough to be of any use.

Bitter Orange Extract

This is one of those ingredients that we would rather be hauled straight into the fiery pits of hell. Although it has shown to have fat burning effects, it comes with a set of rather nasty side-effects that one would rather avoid. It also has no use in the Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout supplement.

Buy Blackmarket Cuts

Price: $59.95

The Blackmarket Cut is meant to help you not only gain muscle, but lose weight too, and it does this for around 59.99 US Dollars per month. Not bad- considering that other supplements sell for so much more. However, it is definitely on the expensive side. You’re going to have to work hard- outside of the gym, in order to afford this and not go completely broke.

Side Effects of Blackmarket Cuts

There are a couple of ingredients in the Blackmarket Cuts that causes some concern:
  • Caffeine Anhydrous can cause jitters and energy crashes for people who are unused to consuming it regularly.
  • Choline causes fish- breath and fish-sweat.
  • One might contract mild-paresthesia from the Beta-Alanine.
  • And worst of all is Bitter Orange Extract, which can cause: Anxiety, High Blood Pressure and Nausea.

Blackmarket Cuts Review Results and Expected Effects

The Blackmarket Cuts made some pretty good decisions when it came to choosing ingredients. However, there are many shit ingredients in this solution that can cause some rather nasty side-effects. Of course, we also haven’t forgotten the fact that a lot of said ingredients are inside of a proprietary blend. All together, it’s not a bad Pre Workout supplement. There are a couple of things that it could have improved upon, that’s for damn sure.

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Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout Review

The Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout is not a bad supplement, it uses ingredients that should be able to provide benefits that will help you gain lean muscle mass and lose weight. However, there are some problematic ingredients that would be better avoided, as well as a proprietary blend that hides how effective it actually is.

  • Blackmarket Cuts Pre Workout Review

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