Blackmarket Bulk Pre Workout Review

Our Blackmarket Bulk Pre Workout Review will be analyzing the hell out of a Pre Workout supplement produced by a company called Black Market. 

There are muscle-building supplements available for sale in both in local stores and online stores. A lot of them, well, they just don’t make the cut. Finding a good supplement that meets your desired need(s) without having to tirelessly test them out yourself… That’s a challenge unfit for even the devil himself.

Most Pre Workout supplements will get you all jacked up on caffeine and other stimulants, making you feel like you’re up for a good bout in the gym. However, in reality, all it’ll do is get you exhausted. You’ll crash and burn, making the experience one that you would hate to remember.

Now, the Pre Workout supplement that we’re looking at today, has been said to promote a devilish and natural Pre Workout boost. The Blackmarket Bulk  is meant to have been made specifically, to help its users gain more strength and more muscles.

Of course, we here at Supplement Devil are not about to let that kind of claim pass by unnoticed. We’ll be providing an analysis that will sniff out every single sin, that the Blackmarket Bulk could have possibly committed.

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According to the blackmarket official website statement, the Adrenolyn BULK is an ultra-concentrated solution. They claim to have handpicked all the ingredients to help you gain muscle by boosting your pumps and providing your body the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to grow. 

Our first look at the supplement  makes it sound fairly decent. It has a lot of our favorite Pre Workout ingredients. However, there are a couple in there, that catches my eye as odd. We’ll be going through what those are in a bit.

BUT first, we have to talk about the gravest sin that a supplement company can make. Unfortunately the Blackmarket Bulk commits this sin without remorse, because all of its ingredients are inside of a proprietary blend.

A proprietary blend is a shitty tactic used by supplement companies to hide the true effectiveness of their ingredients. They tell us how much is in the blend. However, they conveniently leave out important information about the ingredients themselves.

In a supplement, the ingredients are of most importance. The fact that there is a proprietary blend means that there’s something to hide. Something that they didn’t want us to see. That’s a pretty fucking messed up situation.

However, that ain’t going to stop us from putting this supplement through hell. It’s committed one grave sin already, let’s hope we can get a hint of a saving grace, or else this supplement is getting tossed into the Styx River.


Black Market Adrenolyn Bulk


Beta- Alanine is a give or take ingredient. By that we mean, it works, but it’s also kind of shitty. It’s proven to help make you feel stronger, helps me you feel like you can spend hours after hours inside of the gym.

That might sound all fine and dandy, however, it comes with a side-effect that’s harmless but really fucking uncomfortable.


Although this is marketed as an up and coming fat burner ingredient. It really is pretty worthless. Most research on it as resulted on ZERO effects. Especially when supplemented.


This ingredient needs to be studied a lot more than it has now. It’s known to be related to ephedrine- which is a banned ingredient in most countries. As such, it has us concerned. Known side-effects will be discussed later on, however, none of them are worth the risk for the very minor benefits that it provides. The Blackmarket Bulk could have definite done away with this ingredient.


The Blackmarket Bulk’s standard price, according to the website, is $54.99. That’s pretty expensive for a Pre Workout supplement, a lot more money that we would have expected. 


Considering the amount of ingredients that Blackmarket Bulk has been produced with, a handful of side effect can be recorded.

  • Beta Alanine has been said to cause mild-parasthesia. Enough to get you feeling all tingly and uncomfortable.
  • The Bitter Orange Extract is even worse, with known side-effects including: high blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate, etc.


In conclusion, by using this devil unaccredited supplement, you are guaranteed some benefits. It uses a couple of noteworthy ingredients that are important in Pre Workout supplements. 

However, with the Black Market Andrenolyn Bulk, you can’t be certain of what you will be getting. Because ALL the ingredients are inside of a shitty proprietary blend. If the company had been more willing, and more open about their product then this could have been a much better review.

As it is now. The Adrenolyn Bulk is okay. Not great, but not horrible either. It has committed, one too many sins for us to be able to responsibly recommend this to anyone.

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Black Market Andrenolyn Bulk

The Black Market Andrenolyn Bulk might be able to provide decent benefits. However, as the ingredients are inside of a proprietary blend, we cannot be 100% certain of this.

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