Beyond Raw Lit AF Preview

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout has become a damn successful pre workout from relatively new supplement company Beyond Raw. On the back of Lit’s success, the company is releasing Lit AF. A product that promises to be a clinical strength pre workout.

Safe to say, we are itching to get our hands on it and get down for a HIRT session. Our Beyond Raw Lit AF review will take a scalpel to the full blend, and benefits this new iteration of the popular pre workout can offer.

Beyond Raw Lit AF Ingredients

It looks like LIT AF is going to be a product with a good set of pump enhancing ingredients in it. Currently confirmed in the blend of Beyond Raw’s latest pre workout is¬†citrulline malate at 8g and Nitrosigine at 1.5g, as well as 400mg of the performance ingredient Peak ATP.

The Lit AF pre workout ingredients are expected to be part of a fully transparent list, just as was the case with the original Lit pre workout blend.

We will be getting our review up as soon as the product is released and we can take LIT AF for a week long review and road test.

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