Arc Reactor Pre Workout Review

The Arc Reactor Pre Workout supplement is up for review today. We will be analyzing the hell out of this supplement, sniffing out all the sins that this supplement could have possible committed.

The number of pre workout supplements available for sale in the market are numerous. Going through each and every ingredient is a devilish task, one that a lot of people would prefer to stay far away from.

However, we here are at supplement devil are more than happy to analyze supplements, like the Arc Reactor, to help you choose the supplement that is right for you!

There’s not much known about the Arc Reactor. However, that isn’t going to stop us from trying to figure out whether it is, or isn’t, worthwhile. Is this the supplement of our dreams, or the supplements of our greatest nightmare?

Well, continue reading to find out.

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When it comes to Pre Workout supplements, the most important feature has to be the ingredients used inside of the solution. A lot of people would prefer to use natural ingredients, which are a lot safer and easier on the body.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t see the occasional chemical ingredient. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad, but it also, doesn’t necessarily mean that natural ingredients are inherently good.

The ingredients used inside of this Pre Workout supplement were said to have been specifically chosen for their ability to provide the body with all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to power through your workouts. They added in a little bit of amino acids in there as well, to make sure that you’re able to build the muscles that you’re looking for.

However, does the Arc Reactor actually come through with its promises? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out for you today. Our first look at the ingredients is promising.

However, there are a couple of things inside of there that maybe shouldn’t have been included. As well as a couple of key Pre Workout ingredients that were a much needed addition.


Arc Reactor Pre Workout Ingredients


This is an ingredient that is very popular in a lot of Fat Burner supplements. It’s a bit strange to see it inside of the Arc Reactor Pre Workout supplement. However, it is effective. It’s an ingredient that is not only healthy but very good at burning fat as well.

It uses a special compound called chlorogenic acid that is known to boost metabolism. The research is still at the ‘inconclusive’ state, however, a lot of the studies have been very promising.


This is known for its ability to boost nitric oxide levels. This boost eases the constriction of vessels inside of a person’s veins, helping get much needed nutrients and oxygen inside of your muscles. Theory aside, Agmatine Sulfate is another unproven ingredient. Although, this one is a little more certain at the previous, with no known benefits seen even after taking high doses.


This is another one of those problematic ingredients. Much like the previous ingredient, it’s meant to help nutrients and vitamins get to your muscles. Beta-Alanine has shown greater promise when it comes to helping you boost muscles. However, it does come with a side-effect that might turn people off from ever taking it.


Arc reactor is available for sale at different online and offline local stores. On the website, the standard price of one container of Arc Reactor is €49.95.


There are a couple of ingredients inside of the Arc Reactor Pre Workout that could result in a couple of negative side-effects.

  • Caffeine might result in jitters and energy-crashes.
  • Beta-Alanine causes a mild-paresthesia that is harmless but quite uncomfortable.


Although there are a couple of ingredients inside of the Arc Reactor that held some promise. It’s a bit clunky, in that, there are ingredients that seem like they’re a bit all over the place. Not only that, but because there are so many ingredients inside of it, it was only expected that a majority of them were under-dosed.

It’s a shame, but then again even if they were correctly dosed, this wouldn’t have been anywhere close to the best supplement out there. It used a lot of ingredients that were not scientifically proven, as well as ingredients that had no place inside of a Pre Workout.

There are some mild side-effects that we see in a lot of Pre Workout supplements, but nothing so bad that it’s dangerous. Because of that, the Arc Reactor Pre workout receives a mild rating. It might work for some people, but the price, the sketchy brand, and the bad choice in ingredients puts it below the caliber of what we would suggest for our readers.

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Arc Reactor Pre Workout Review

The Arc Reactor Pre Workout should provide mild benefits that will help push your workouts to another level. However, the benefits are mild, and a lot of the ingredients it uses are ineffective.

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