Tony Ferguson Diet

Tony Ferguson is a pro MMA athlete who competes in the UFC lightweight category. Many people consider Tony to be one of the best lightweight MMA fighters ever, but he wasn't always planning to become one. Fresh out of the university,

Sierra Skye Diet

Her name is Sierra Syke. She's a fitness model and social media influencer with millions of fans. And when you look at her online profiles, it's easy to see why she's so popular. Sierra is not just a pretty face though; she's also got

Tara Frost Diet

The American fitness model Tara Frost boasts a stunning physique and has over 700 thousand followers on Instagram. Tara loves to lift heavy in the gym, and has gained the status of a fitness icon over the years. However, getting her

Best Female Fitness Models 2020

Here we have the best female fitness models for the year 2020. With so many awesome female fitness icons out there, choosing the top 5 was far from an easy task. Our criteria were the model's presence, the personality, and of course, the

Sweat Ethic Big Iron Review

Sweat Ethic Big Iron is a test booster designed to support you on your fitness journey. It supposedly boosts your anabolic hormones and improves your workouts to help you achieve your goal physique. Claimed to promote: Free and total

2020 Workout Trends – What will be hot?

The fitness industry is constantly evolving and that’s not going to change anytime soon. This year, we’ve seen HIIT training and boutique studios shoot up in the fitness rankings and they’ll be staying to the top of the charts for a while.