Vyvamind Review

We were skeptical about Vyvamind and using it to enhance our productivity and energy levels as the label doesn’t contain as many ingredients as other leading nootropics and energy pills. But, Vyvamind is a breath of fresh air when it comes to improving focus, and grinding out work.

For us, Vyvamind was like an ehnanced cup of strong coffee. Leading to a flow state and feeling and positive and productive energy. What didn’t we like? Well, the price is a little off putting. And we’ve since seen they charge postage. But other than that, Vyvamind worked exactly as described. And so we’ve continued using it beyond writing this Vyvamind review.

Lets take a closer look at Vyvamind though, as we mentioned price is one drawback. But is there others?

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What is Vyvamind?

Vyvamind is a natural brain pill from SAP Nutra, it uses 5 ingredients in high doses with an aim to increase energy levels, improve focus and aid flow. Vyvamind is a D2C brand, ,meaning its direct to consumer and so not available in the shops. The site elludes to Vyvamind being available at some phamracies, however it doesnt seem to be the case any longer.

Where Can You Buy Vyvamind?

Vyvamind is a direct to consumer product thats only available on www.vyvamind.com. Currently Vyvamind cannot be bought on Amazon or eBay. This could potentially be due to the levels of ingredients and safety of the product in the wrong hands!

Vyvamind Ingredients

The formula of Vyvamind is extremely focused, and with the current mess of ingredients widely put into noots that never really work as described. Vyvamind is the opposite of these sort of pills, and hits you with high doses of each ingredient, that, as far as we’ve found, can be safely double dosed, if you need to be really pushing energy and focus levels to a new height.

Here’s the main ingredients in Vyvamind and what they do:


The use of citicoline in the treatment of cognitive impairment has been studied in patients suffering from vascular dementia and a variety of neurodegenerative disorders. A recent study, referred to as IDEALE, showed that the drug was effective in treating mild vascular cognitive impairment and stupor. A review by Secades JJ and Lorenzo suggests that citicoline is safe and effective in preventing the onset of vascular dementia and other forms of aging.

One recent study found that citicoline can reduce the severity of symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury. It has also been shown to enhance cognition in 24 healthy adults and reduce the risk of cognitive decline in stroke patients. As citicoline increases the activity of glutathione reductase, it has direct antioxidant properties. It is a potent inhibitor of oxidative stress, a major cause of age-related cognitive decline.

The effects of citicoline have been documented in several studies. A recent study of over 2,800 older people showed that it improved memory and response speed. Although there was no placebo control, the results were similar. The supplement is also believed to prevent cognitive decline by sharpening the mind. It improves concentration, focus, and mental clarity. It is also an effective tool to prevent dementia and improve memory. And it is also safe for elderly patients.


L-Theanine is a popular supplement for a variety of health issues. It increases relaxation, lowers stress, and promotes a better night’s sleep. It has been shown to help children with ADHD sleep better and help improve the mood of adolescents. But, how much is too much? Here are the benefits of L-theanine. For best results, consume it in the morning before you drink coffee.

There is no definite dosage for L-theanine, but it is safe to take up to 3000 mg daily. However, it’s still recommended to check with your physician before taking this supplement. It’s generally well tolerated by healthy adults. You should seek medical advice before starting a new supplement, and you may need to increase the dosage slowly until you see an effect. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other underlying conditions, talk to your doctor before taking it.

L-Theanine is effective for treating depression and anxiety. It raises levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is associated with a state of “wakeful relaxation.” Alpha waves are associated with relaxation, concentration, and creativity, and the chemical helps regulate these emotions and moods. L-theanine can reduce anxiety and improve sleep without sedating you. You may feel relaxed and focused all day, but not sleepy.


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and member of the methylxanthine class. Its mechanism of action is complicated, but basically, it works by blocking the adenosine receptors. This prevents adenosine from triggering drowsiness. However, there are many other possible mechanisms of action for caffeine. Let’s look at a few. Here’s a quick overview.

One of the most interesting facts about caffeine is that it affects the body very quickly, reaching its peak blood level within 30-60 minutes. It has a very long half-life, lasting between three and five hours. This means that it can be present in the body for longer than usual. It can also cause a jittery feeling and increase your heart rate. This information about caffeine’s effects on the body is important for determining if this substance is safe for you.

Caffeine can also raise blood pressure. It raises body temperature. It also increases the secretion of stomach acid and increases the production of urine. As a result, it has a diuretic effect. But it is not completely safe for people with diabetes or other medical conditions. Although caffeine is widely used by humans, it is still a risky substance. A cup of coffee or two of tea can cause drowsiness and may even cause seizures.

Although it does not appear to have direct effects on long-term memory, it does seem to have a beneficial impact on the short-term memory. It also has an indirect effect on mood, arousal, and concentration. While caffeine is not known to be addictive, it is still important to know how it works. If you are sensitive to it, then you’ll probably want to limit your intake. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before consuming too much.


L-Tyrosine is a type of amino acid, and it has been shown to help lower blood pressure and improve cognitive performance. It may also be useful in treating neurodegenerative disorders and depression. It has been shown to help people suffering from a number of illnesses, including schizophrenia and depression. However, it is unclear if or how tyrosine affects blood pressure. In animal studies, L-Tyrosine is not associated with any adverse effects on blood pressure.

The dosage of L-Tyrosine varies, and is based on the protein content in the diet. Your doctor may prescribe a special diet that includes supplements as well as a healthy diet. It is important to read the label carefully and understand what you should and cannot eat before starting treatment. You should als

o call your doctor if your condition doesn’t improve or gets worse while taking L-Tyrosine. Alternatively, you can buy L-Tyrosine in bulk powders and store them in a cool, dry place away from heat or moisture.

Several studies have shown that L-Tyrosine has a positive effect on depression. One study conducted on women taking oral contraceptives showed that they had lower levels of tyrosine compared to other women. It is believed that birth control pills may be a factor in depression. Further, some researchers believe that L-tyrosine metabolism is abnormal in depressed people. In addition, some doctors recommend a 12-week trial of supplementation in depressed individuals.

Vyvamind Price

Currently Vyvamind is sold at $49.99 per unit. But there are mutli buy options available. This is our biggest drawback with Vyvamind, the price might be considered a little steep. But that said, for the results and effects you get from this product, we’d say its actually worth it. See the best Nootropics here

Vyvamimd Review Conclusion

Vyvamind is an amazing product, that will certainly make a great impression and leave those who spend the price tag on it commited to regular use.

We can’t see many drawbacks with Vyvamind, and it is something that is a must try for people studying or even just looking for daily energy and an improved level of cognition.

For those looking for an extra kick (nutters) Vyvamind can also be double dosed, however this could cause unwanted side effects.

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