New High-Protein Chocolate Bar from Designer Protein

California-based supplement manufacturer Designer Protein has brought out its first properly edible product, the all-new Designer Chocolate Bar.

Designer Protein is the brand responsible for such supplements as Designer Whey, Totally Egg and Essential 10 Meal Replacement.

World-famous surfer, Bethany Hamilton uses Designer Protein’s products and she’s also an ambassador for their brand.

The Designer Chocolate bar not only looks just like a conventional bar, it’s packaged like one too.

It looks as though Designer Protein have aimed for an appetizing sweet snack, but which has much cleaner ingredients and macronutrients.

So make sure you read on and bear with us as we examine this product more closely and see what benefits it offers for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Original High-Protein Chocolate Bar

Designer Protein’s Designer Chocolate Bar is manufactured primarily from unsweetened chocolate and cane sugar. They’ve also added almonds, quinoa, and sunflower lecithin.

To give the Designer Chocolate Bar some high-protein punch, Designer Protein have also included a generous amount of added whey protein.

The nutritional profile of the Designer Chocolate Bar is underpinned by a fairly modest 10g of protein. There’s also quite a high 26g of fat and a reasonably low 11g of carbohydrate. It also contains 8g of added sugar.

The total calorie count you’ll get from Designer Chocolate comes in at 320 calories for a 60g bar. A typical protein bar will give you 20g of protein and 200 calories of energy.

So you can see that Designer Protein’s bar gives you only half the protein at over 50% more calories than a protein bar.

This may be due to the fact that Designer Protein have tried to manufacture a product that tastes more like a classic bar of chocolate than a supplement.

They’ve given you two delicious flavours to choose from:

  • Almond chocolate with diced almonds
  • Quinoa chocolate with crispy quinoa

Final Thoughts

If you like the sound of the Designer Chocolate Bar and want to get your hands on some, you can pre-order from Designer Protein’s website here.

Unfortunately, the Designer Chocolate bar is not available for another month or so, until the 15th of October.

 A box will set you back $35.00 (which is about £27.35). There are 12 bars in a box, so this works out to about £2.28 per bar.

We think you’ll agree that this seems like pretty good value for money if those bars taste as good as they look.

If you’re not looking for chocolate or you don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, you can check out Designer Protein’s website to have a look at their range of other high-quality products such as:

  • Whey proteins
  • Essential 10 Meal Replacement,
  • Totally Egg Protein
  • Sustained Energy Protein.

OK then folks. That’s all from us at Supplement Devil for now. Make sure you check our site regularly for all the latest news from the supplement world.

See you soon. . .

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