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Jay Cardiello is a fitness and strength coach, who has worked with numerous high profiles celebrities. Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent and others rely on the New York based creator of the ‘No Diet’ plan to get, and keep them in shape.

He’s highly regarded in the diet and fitness world and is one of the most well published coaches around today. Featuring monthly in Shape magazine and regularly featured on the Huffington Post, Mens Fitness to name a couple. He’s also got his own supplement range and full fitness course named JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System.


Jay Cardiello Quick Stats

  • Height: N/A
  • Average Weight: N/A
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Nationality: American

Jay Cardiello Workout

Jay is an expert in both fitness and nutrition and has trained a variety of clients for different goals. His physique is lean and well maintained, showing that he doesn’t overdo weights but instead focuses on balanced workouts to maintain how he looks.

Jay uses his expert knowledge as a health strategist to provide workouts for a variety of goals. If you are looking for a runners workout for example, he’s someone who can put something together. Here’s an example of one of his workouts, each designed purely to ensure a better quality of life.

This is a 20 minute runners workout to help you become a stronger and better runner. But with his broad ‘train to improve quality of life’ approach, Jay has plenty more up his sleeve.

Jay has some fairly clear cut rules when it comes to working out and sticking to fitness and nutrition goals.

He’s a firm believer, that for you to reach goals, you need to ensure exercise becomes routine. And not something you just do occasionally. You need to change the 23 hours you spend outside the gym, making lifestyle changes, as well as spending that hour in the gym.

“It’s not how many jumping jacks and burpees you can do. If you want sustainable outcome you have to start thinking about behavior, that’s the only way you’re going to have any outcome in any realm is through behavioral change and habitual change. So fitness and exercise and food are critical, but are really not [the priority] in terms of sustainable weight loss.” Jay Cardiello

There is an order to his success, no matter who he is training. His method looks at the following:

  • Improve Sleep
  • Better Nutrition
  • Look at mental Health
  • Work on fitness

By taking steps in this order, you approach a better lifestyle that fits fitness into it. And no the other way round. This means you are more likely to stick to your workout program and achieve success.

An example of one of Jays workouts would involve a quick 12 minute workout that uses your entire body. By using time as a guide you don’t have the pressure of hitting certain reps either.

Jay Cardiello 12 Minute Workout

Each exercise for 30 seconds. Then 30 seconds rest. Then next exercise.

Complete 2 or 3 full sets of the 7 exercises:

  • Lumber Jacks
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Left Foot Down
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Right Foot Down
  • Stabilizing Rows, Left Foot Down
  • Stabilizing Rows, Right Foot Down
  • Lunge to Glute Kick, Left Foot Front
  • Lunge to Glute Kick, Right Foot Front

Jay Cardiello Diet


As with his principles surrounding habit being the best way to keep fit, Jay also believes this is true with nutrition and dieting too. His plan, The No Diet Plan basically means that you need to change your behavior in order to change your diet.

By targeting habit you can look at things like portion control and what you are eating. Completely overhauling your mindset and relationship with food, rather than just ‘dieting’ for a short period before returning back to your old unhealthy ways.

You need to develop your understanding of food labels, and further understand the types of foods you eat and their impact. By turning this into a habit, you can start to disassociate your relationship with unhealthy foods.

Jay says the human hand is a great tool for measuring portions and makes the process very simply. To measure foods by hand, he recommends you do the following:

  • Proteins – Make them the size of your palm (3 inches in diameter) and no thicker than your palm for meats.
  • Carbs –  Should measure no bigger than a fistful. 
  • Cheeses and fats – No bigger than your thumb

A key tip for weight loss, is Jay recommends slowing down what your eating. When you get full, as in you’ve eaten enough or too much, it takes around 15 minutes for your brain to get that message. By slowing down whilst you eat, you give your brain chance to recognize when you have had enough.

One key area people need to understand when it comes to dieting is what’s healthy, and to understand that you need to remember simple rules. If food goes bad, it’s going to be good for you.

So processed unhealthy foods are more likely to last longer in cupboards. Also eat like you’ve got flu. Or a cold. Fruit and vegetables and anything wholesome. Remember to do this gradually and mindfully, so you begin to make it a permanent thing. Examples of healthy foods from Jay are:

  • Broccoli
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chicken
  • Beef

Jay Cardiello Supplements

It’s hard to find out what supplements Jay uses. But he does have a range of JCORE supplements which includes a diet version of a whey protein.

Jay Cardiello Social Channels

Jay is on all of the major social channels where he updates with workout tips and nutrition guides. If you are interested in buying any of his plans you can also find them on his website.

  1. Dj says

    I like his methods that you have mentioned here. Not only does he look at the physical and outer aspect but he looks at mental health as well which is very important aspect of our life as well.

  2. Ceb says

    Amazing method you have there. This is really good as a person we should also take care of our mind to be more efficient. Good read and informative.

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