Frank Medrano Diet

Frank Medrano is one of the biggest names in fitness thanks to his impressive calisthenics based workouts. Frank Medrano Diet is also interesting because it’s vegan based, meaning he doesn’t eat anything that comes from animals. Yet stays seriously shredded.

His passion for fitness began as he felt satisfied with performing body weight exercises and seeing results. Medrano has built a massive brand around him and his lifestyle since then, without thousands following him as a serious bit of motivation.

He’s since become known as a ‘Super athlete’ and is a huge name in the entire fitness world. Well worth following if you are looking to get completely lean.

Frank Medrano Quick Stats

  • Height: ‎5’9″
  • Average Weight: 160lbs
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Nationality: American

Frank Medrano Workout


Frank Medrano goes against most conventional methods when it comes to getting in shape. Known for training anywhere, the only tool he really needs is body. He’s even suggested people can get a good workout in a bathtub. Not sure how that works, but we’re open to anything.

With calisthenics his focus, Medrano quite literally needs the weight of his own body and the resistance of gravity to keep in shape and even build up strength. Basically if you don’t know what calisthenics is, it’s almost a form of gymnastics. But based around pull ups and other movements that give you a big full body workout.

I teach calisthenics as a school of life,” he says. “You learn to deal with setbacks and to achieve your goals more quickly. And you can join in even if you can only do one repetition. We all start at one.

Despite his calisthenics approach to training, Frank still sometimes splits his training week up a little. Making sure he has plenty of time to workout. Frank spoke about his weekly training split with Sixpackfactory.

Monday: LEGS
Saturday: Full Bodyweight circuits

His workouts are as intense as you’d expect from the calisthenics master. Keeping a high number of reps and various exercises whilst nearly always incorporating some form of HIIT cardio.

This allows Frank to keep his fitness levels high and his body in the strong and shredded shape. Saturdays are generally a full body day. Which means you’d need to hit as many muscles as possible. Got to earn those rest days, right?

A full body workout for Frank Medrano looks like this:

  • 100 crunches
  • 8 100meter sprints
  • 100 pull ups
  • 200 pushups
  • 100 dips
  • 30 muscle ups
  • 50 crossovers
  • 50 high intensity crunches
  • 2 minute flutter kicks (3 sets)
  • 60 second crunch holds (3 times)

This is a really intense workout, and not one suited for beginners. But it will get you burning through calories and improving strength.

Once crucial thing Frank Medrano recommends when it comes to both training and diet, is consistency is key. In all aspects of fitness. Another crucial thing people need to remember is that cardio is important. If you want to develop a toned and fit physique it’s a necessity to put in the cardio work.

Frank Medrano Diet


Frank Medrano is known for his vegan diet. He manages to train with a crazy high intensity and still keeps his muscles fueled and energy levels up. Most bodybuilders and athletes heavily rely on protein from animal sources. Even most why proteins are non vegan. But Medrano has built his diet to be as effective as a high animal protein one, all the while being a strict vegan.

As well as being vegan you need to strip your diet of all processed and sugary crap. Every calorie eaten by Frank Medrano needs to be of nutritional value. This keeps your fitness levels in check.

Important principles to follow to have a similar diet to Frank Medrano would be:

  • Cut the processed and sugary crap
  • Eat whole foods
  • Get enough healthy fats
  • Ensure protein intake is high
  • Drink more water

These points are the basis of keeping a good ripped physique year round. Maintaining and even slightly building some muscle dependent on protein intake.

We keep talking about protein intake, and that’s because it’s important for Medrano, as important as for a top level bodybuilder.

But there is one difference, due to the Frank Medrano being a calisthenics athlete he doesn’t need to add pounds and pounds of muscle. Which means he can get all the protein he needs from healthy plant sources. He’s not looking to add slabs of muscle in record time, but instead maintain and keep that shredded and strong physique year round.

Frank Medrano Supplements


As a vegan athlete, Frank Medrano can’t use a lot of supplements. Most Whey Proteins and supplements that come in capsules will be out of reach.

Instead he has a range of supplements he promotes. All Vegan. One protein, one BCAA’s and one probiotics. All clean products that can hugely help the performance of an athlete alongside overall health.

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Frank Medrano Social Channels

Frank Medrano is very active on social media. You can also see the crazy workouts he get’s up to and follow him at various events and expo’s.

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